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Council's plan to introduce 20mph speed limit on all residential roads

Date Filed:  Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Our Labour Council wants to introduce a 20mph speed limit on roads across the borough. The only exceptions are a few arterial roads, such as Wickham Road and Addington Road.

Two zones mainly in the north have already narrowly voted in favour of the scheme. The Council started its consultation in the other zones on the 18th of January and it will run until the 15th of February. A leaflet with full details should have been delivered to each household.

The consultation does not simply ask whether you approve or object to the proposed policy. You can only object and have to explain why you object if you do so. This is a departure from how the previous two zones were consulted (they had a binding yes/no vote). It is clearly unfair that the centre and south of the borough are being treated differently, but we have grown used to that from this administration.

This is a chance for you to express your view for the whole of the zone you live in. Part of Shirley, part of Fairfield ward and all of Addington, Monks Hill, Forestdale, and New Addington are in zone 4; a small part of the town centre is in zone 3.

The Council’s argument is that accidents that occur at low speed cause less injury. That’s clearly an important consideration but I have a number of concerns about the Council’s approach:

•The police have made it clear that they will not put any additional resources into enforcing these zones.

• The Council are not planning to put in cameras, speed humps, width restrictions or any other physical measures.

• Sadly, many people don’t obey 30mph limits. Without additional enforcement or physical measures what makes the Council think that a lower speed limit is going to make difference?

• This is going to cost £1.5million. Wouldn’t it be better to focus on accident hotspots rather than a blanket restriction on all residential roads?

• Pollution can be higher at low speeds.

If you want to object you should email: objections@croydon.gov.uk

If you do not receive the information from the Council by the 30th January please do let me know by calling Sara in my office on 020 8663 8741, so we can ensure you have the opportunity to make your views known.


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