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BNP leaflet is not all it seems
23/05/2009 07:45:00

The other day, I received a leaflet through the post from the BNP encouraging me to vote for them in the European elections. In line with their current strategy of trying to pretend that they are decent, respectable people not bigots, it contains photos of a doctor, a soldier, a young mum with her child and an elderly couple alongside quotes purporting to be from these people explaining why they are voting for the BNP.

It turns out all is not quite as it seems. The photos are of models, only one of whom is British. Clearly, the BNP couldn't find anyone whose photos they would want to include on their leaflets who was prepared to say that they were voting for them. Given that they're supposed to believe in British jobs for British workers, you would have thought they could at least have used British models though...

The one photo that is of someone from this country is a photo library shot of ex-Scots Guardsman Stuart Walker. His reaction when he found out the BNP were using his photo? "They are scumbags and I’d never vote for them in a million years".

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