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Putting the clocks forward
20/01/2012 20:17:00

I normally spend Fridays in Croydon but today I was in Parliament to support the Daylight Saving Bill, a Private Member's Bill that was introduced by my colleague Rebecca Harris.

The Bill would require the Government to conduct a study of the pros and cons of moving the clocks forward by an hour, resulting in lighter evenings every day of the year. You obviously can't change how long it is light for on any given day but we can change when in the day it is light - as things stand, for much of the year most of us are asleep for some of the time when it's light and if we shifted our clocks forward an hour it would be light for more of the time we are awake. There is evidence that this would:

- reduce road traffic accidents (it would be light during the evening rush hour for more of the year);

- reduce the need for lighting, saving us all money and helping the environment;

- boost the tourism industry;

- reduce fear of crime;

- make people healthier by making it easier for them to exercise in the evenings; and

-make people happier by reducing the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Sadly, a small minority of MPs talked the Bill out (prevented there from being a vote on it). It was clear that a majority of MPs support the measure so we now need to convince Ministers to allocate some Government time to it.

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