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Increasing the EU budget when European governments are all having to make cuts is unacceptable
13/10/2010 22:39:00

This evening, we had a debate about the proposed nearly 6 per cent increase in the EU budget next year. Thanks to the previous Government’s catastrophic decision to give away our rebate, we are already going to be paying billions of pounds more to the EU over the next few years. To add further insult to injury by increasing the EU budget at a time when governments across Europe are having to make painful cuts is wholly unacceptable.

Two of my colleagues tabled amendments to the motion. The first, tabled by Douglas Carswell, called on the Government to reduce Britain's contribution to the EU. That would breach binding commitments we have given. If we want to reduce EU spending, we can't just do it unilaterally - we need convince other European governments.

The second amendment, tabled by Bill Cash, called on the Government to reject proposals to increase the budget. I voted for that and I am glad to say the Government accepted it.

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