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Charlotte Lewis is the true face of the BNP
17/06/2010 14:50:00

One of the most encouraging aspects of the results of the elections on 6th May was the poor showing of the BNP.

During the campaign, a number of their supporters took exception to criticisms I made of the party, arguing that they were decent patriots, not unpleasant bigots. Their organiser in Croydon, Charlotte Lewis, who stood for election as a councillor in Shirley on 6th May, has suggested I was right. The Croydon Guardian reports that she has posted the following message on her Facebook page:

"I wish that Derrick Bird [the man who murdered 12 people in Cumbria before killing himself] could have come down to London and shot dead some illegal immigrants, rather than killing his fellow British people".

We have every right to remove illegal immigrants from our country but all civilised people will surely be horrified at the suggestion that they should be shot - we are, after all, talking about people who are simply trying to build a better life for them and their families, albeit illegally. I suspect many of us would do the same thing if we were born in a different part of the world.

Charlotte goes on to say:

"If that offends you then tough: it's my opinion and I'm entitled to it."

Indeed she is - and we are entitled to form an opinion of her as a result. The question is does the BNP condone such remarks. I will be writing to Nick Griffin to find out.

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