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The results of the GLA elections in Croydon Central
19/05/2008 09:11:00

One of the benefits (if you're a political anorak) of the electronic counting system used for the London elections is that a couple weeks after polling day you get the results of the votes cast in person (ie excluding postal votes) on a ward by ward basis.

They show just how well Boris Johnson did in Croydon Central, winning not only the five wards represented by Conservative councillors (Addiscombe, Ashburton, Fairfield, Heathfield and Shirley) but also Fieldway and New Addington. I can't recall any previous election where a Conservative has won in either of these wards.

If you look at the election for our local London Assembly member - which is probably the best predictor for the General Election and council elections - my colleague Steve O'Connell won the five Conservative wards and New Addington and missed out on Woodside by just 4 votes and Fieldway by 22 - and, as noted above, those figures don't include postal votes. Across the borough as a whole, the Conservatives did better in the postal votes than in the votes cast on the day so Steve probably won Woodside as well. If Labour don't recover in the polls, we have an excellent chance of picking up at least some of the Council seats in Fieldway, New Addington and Woodside.

Adding up the results across Croydon Central, we beat Labour by nearly 7,000 votes (48% to 23%). The swing from Labour to the Conservatives since 2004 was over 5 per cent, much larger than in Croydon South or Croydon North. Clearly things are likely to be a lot closer come the General Election but still an encouraging sign that people are responding to our community campaigning and that more and more people believe the Conservative Party is ready to deliver the change our country needs.

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