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A quite incredible claim
03/01/2010 21:52:00

I was listening to the Prime Minister this morning on the Andrew Marr show and he said something that made my jaw drop.

Marr was pressing him on the Government's record and the Prime Minister was trying to dodge the question and talk about Conservative policy when he said this:

"They made the wrong judgement on everything. We got it right and we are the only party that can take people from recession to recovery and guarantee that we have growth in the future"

Let's ignore his laughable claim that the economy will only start growing again if he is re-elected and his guarantee of growth in the future (this from the man who was telling us a couple of years ago that he had abolished boom and bust) - what really caught my attention was the first bit:

"They made the wrong judgement on everything. We got it right"

Because I believe in Conservative values, I generally find myself agreeing with Conservative policy rather than Labour policy. But I'd be the first to concede that sometimes the Conservative Party is wrong and Labour right - independence for the Bank of England for example.

Gordon Brown genuinely appears to believe that he is always right. He's like a spoilt child who can't admit he's done anything wrong. It's actually quite scary.

Presumably he blames his dire poll ratings on the fact that most of us are too stupid to appreciate what a good job he's doing...

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