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Helping young people to buy their first home
02/10/2014 14:03:00


As Conservatives, we want to spread ownership of property as widely as possible, not go back to a time when it was the preserve of a privileged few.

One of the most common concerns that people raise with me is whether their children will ever be able to get on the property ladder here in Croydon. This week, the Prime Minister announced a policy that will help people do just that. Here’s an extract from his speech that explains it very succinctly:

“[Buying a home] shouldn’t be some impossible dream.

“But we inherited a situation where it was. Young people watched Location, Location, Location not as a reality show, but as fantasy.

“We couldn’t solve this housing crisis without some difficult decisions.

“The planning system was stuck in the mud – so we reformed it and last year, nearly a quarter of a million houses were given planning permission.

“Young people needed massive deposits they just couldn’t afford - so we brought in Help to Buy. Of course there were those who criticised it - usually speaking from the comfort of the home they’d bought years ago ...

They said it would help people with houses already but four-fifths are first-time buyers. They said it would cause a housing bubble but as the Bank of England has said, it hasn’t.

“ … This conference we have announced a landmark new policy. It’s called Starter Homes.

“We’re going to build 100,000 new homes – and they’ll be twenty percent cheaper than normal.

“But here’s the crucial part. Buy-to-let landlords won’t be able to snap them up. Wealthy foreigners won’t be able to buy them. Just first-time buyers under the age of 40.”

So on housing too there is a clear choice. Croydon Labour Party want more and more people to depend on the Council for their housing. They’ve just introduced a policy saying 30% of all homes built in the borough must be council or housing association homes. We want to help people fulfil their dream of owning their own home.

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Readers' Comments

On 03/10/2014 15:20:00 Ben wrote:
As a 37-year-old who isn't a property owner, it's disappointing that the policy has an arbitrary cap of 40 years old for first time buyers.

I'd also be interested to know where these homes are going to be and what sort of standard they are going to be built to. A one-room shoebox in the middle of nowhere is no use to man nor beast.




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