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The Queen's Speech
06/06/2014 08:09:00


On Wednesday, the Queen announced the new laws her Government hopes to introduce in the final session of this Parliament.

The list included measures to:

- help families with childcare costs;

- give people more control over their pensions and more certainty about their income in retirement; and

- protect workers from exploitation.

You can read more about how these measures will help you and your family here.

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Readers' Comments

On 06/06/2014 17:11:00 Jim wrote:
I have some suggestions, can we call HM back to do it again?

1) Leave the EU. No referendum needed.

2) Abandon HS2. Abolish aviation taxes.

3) Ignite bonfire of quangos

4) Abolish DFID - I object to the state taxing me just so the Guardian readers at DFID can pursue their lefty do-gooding schemes. Let me choose how to spend MY money and whom I choose to help.

5) Abolish silly green subsidies/taxes.

6) Announce decision on airports NOW please.

7) No more money poured into the NHS blackhole with it's institutionally abusive practices, too posh to wash nurses and fake statistics - let us choose our own healthcare and get the respect of a paying customer.

8) Remove the right to strike in public "service" monopolies - eg London Underground

9) Reduce top rate of tax to 40%. Reduce personal allowance to £5000. Long term objective should be a flat tax.

10) Phase out "gift aid" and other tax reliefs for charity giving. Whilst income tax should be reduced to as little as possible, to the extent it's necessary it should get the first call on income.

11) Abolish "workplace pensions" - an imposition on businesses which is nothing to with them.

12) Repeal the Bribery Act which imposes practices on UK companies doing business overseas not faced by our competitors.

13) Abolish National Insurance. Increase basic rate income tax to compensate. Companies should not have to pay any payroll taxes.

14) Abolish all welfare benefits for non-UK permanent residents/citizens.

15) Make it easier for companies to get work permits to bring in the skills they need.

16) Abolish so-called "faith schools", excepting CoE/Catholic schools (where religion isn't taken seriously anyway).

17) Abolish gay marriage and "straight" marriage. Extend civil partnerships for all.

18) Abolish inheritance tax.

19) Repeal Human Rights Act.

20) Repeal working time directive regulations and related EU nonsense.

21) Repeal asylum seeker rights. Money saved should be used on military spending to fix problems at source.

22) Build more prisons. Lock criminals up for longer.

23) Abolish the 10-yearly census - nosey-parker nonsense which costs a fortune.

24) Abolish "help to buy".

25) Abolish stamp duty, but charge CGT on profit from house sales.

26) Teach Chinese in all schools from the age of 6. Currently more pupils learn Welsh than Chinese. Pointless.

27) Repeal any law/regulation that gives any preference to the use of metric measures over imperial measures. Kids to be taught both systems.

28) Make our passports blue again.

On 11/06/2014 07:56:00 Grahame wrote:
Plastic carrier bags? In a Queen's Speech? Don't start, I felt like saying.

There is little left for this Parliament to do. Certainly legislation of great significance has been passed; for example the changes to the NHS and gay marriage. Agree or disagree -but major changes.. With the exception of the two Pension Bills which aim to sort out under-performing annuities and set up workplace industry-wide pension schemes there is little of any significance (apart from the Slavery Bill). This is because the Coalition has done most of what it set out to do: I mean what was in the manifestos


We need a new Parliament with a new "to-do" list. And we don't have to wait until 7 May 2015. It's in the Fixed Term Parliaments Act brought in by Nick Clegg (if I'm wrong-and if you're reading this Mr Clegg please say so. On Call Clegg on LBC you rather side-stepped this point if I may say so) The Prime Minister can alter the date by 2 months and the House of Commons can vote for a General Election any time it wants. So why doesn't it?

Ok so it's too late now for an Election before the summer- but why not October?




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