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Big fall in crime in Croydon
30/04/2014 10:32:00


Last week, the latest crime figures were published. I have now had a chance to look through them and they are very encouraging - crime in Croydon over the last twelve months is down nearly 10 per cent compared with the previous twelve months. Between April 2012 and March 2013, there were 31,109 recorded crimes in the borough; over the last twelve months, there were 28,151. That’s nearly 3,000 fewer victims of crime.

The biggest reductions have been seen in:

- gun crime offences, down nearly 30% from 115 to 81;

- robbery, down nearly 26% from 2,032 to 1,505; and

- burglary, down nearly 8% from 4,122 to 3,804.

The news wasn’t all positive however - there were rises in rape (up nearly 33% from 178 to 236), domestic crime (up nearly 15% from 2,452 to 2,817) and Islamophobic crime (up 75% from 8 to 14). These increases may in part be due to people being more confident about reporting such offences to the police (a good thing) and in the case of domestic crime a widening of the definition, but they are still a real cause for concern. Violence against the person was also up very slightly from 6,521 offences to 6,545.

And of course the figures don’t reveal the full scale of the problem because too many people don’t tell the police when they are a victim of crime. Nonetheless they do accurately reveal the trend – and that trend is very encouraging and a credit to the work of Chief Superintendant Dave Musker, his officers and the Council officers who work with them – public servants who often put themselves in danger to keep the rest of us safe.

You can see the detailed figures for yourself here.

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On 30/04/2014 12:58:00 Jim wrote:
It really is difficult to trust these figures - crimes which would have been reported years ago might not even be considered a crime these days.

The criminal justice system seems designed to let people off as much as possible. Cautions, suspended sentences, community service etc etc. Even if you get to jail, you'll probably only serve a fraction of the sentence handed down by the judge. There is a loss of credibility.

Googling around suggests it costs £1.2billion to build a prison to hold 1500 prisoners and £40K a year to keep someone "inside". I suggest we build a few more and have SERIOUS sentences for criminals. In time people would get the message and we'd all be safer.

But instead, the government is frittering £43billion* of our dosh on its vanity project, HS2.... I can't tell you how angry this project makes me. How can I ever vote Conservative again?

(*and little chance of that being stuck to.)




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