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Tackling the scourge of dog fouling
16/03/2014 17:00:00


Croydon Council is trialing a new approach in the next few weeks in a bid to tackling the scourge of dog fouling.

They will spray paint a temporary sign on to the pavement or footpath to deter repeat incidents of dog fouling in areas where it is a particular nuisance. These signs are a cheap, easy and visible reminder that it is an offence to allow dogs to foul the pavement and fail to pick it up.

Where these have been trialled in other parts of London they are reported to have had a positive effect both in reducing dog mess and in increasing public satisfaction that something is being done about it.

The Council will start the trial in 10 locations across Croydon where they believe it’ll have the biggest impact:

1. Lynton Passage (West Thornton)

2. Church Path (Broad Green)

3. Furze Road Alley (Thornton Heath)

4. Love lane (Woodside)

5. Ashburton Footpath (Ashburton)

6. Dalmally Passage (Addiscombe)

7. Bates Crescent (Waddon)

8. Thorneloe Gardens (Waddon)

9. Avon Path which runs between Avondale Road and Brighton Road, (Croham)

10. Footpath 173 which runs between Hereward Avenue and Pampisford Road (Purley)

This is an issue which frequently gets raised with me and it’s good to see my colleagues on Croydon Council taking best practice from other Boroughs and applying it locally to tackle this problem.

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Readers' Comments

On 19/03/2014 18:02:00 Denise wrote:
Whilst I appreciate that dog fouling is a problem and not very nice I would much rather you tackle the filth left behind by 2 legged vermin- food waste-cans,bottles,dirty nappies, mattresses,beds,garden waste the list is endless.. much of which is left by my garage !!! Not to mention disgusting people spitting in the street !! There is no reason for any of this and should be treated exactly the same as dog fouling !!
On 19/03/2014 18:24:00 Colin Poole wrote:
As a resident in the Shirley District , a member of SPRA nad member of SPAN - we have frequently stated i the monthly magazine the matterof " dog fouling " pavements in this " nice area "

In addition to those area's you have identified we of SPRA could identify with the Croydon Council arreas in Shirley which could benefit for the " pavement displays "

Kind Regards

On 20/03/2014 12:30:00 wendy mortimer wrote:
how come shrublands always gets left out ?!,we are in shirley a suburb of croydon ,we could do with one of those signs at the corner of shrublands avenue.
On 20/03/2014 12:32:00 Dee wrote:
Please can you ad Belfast road to list for marking. I am a responsible dog owner and I to hate to have dog filth in my road amongst the two legged vermin who seem to not understand the concept of putting their litter in a bin,or better take it home..if they have one..it's disgraceful !!!

From Gavin: Dee, I have reported your road to the Council and they have agreed to put markings on your road.

On 20/03/2014 20:26:00 Barbara wrote:
Need these signs in Apsley Road where children going to Apsley playground have to dodge the always present

dog poo and rubbish.

On 26/03/2014 13:52:00 Jim wrote:
The sort of people that do this will never pay the fines anyway... unless...

Confiscate the dogs... If they pay the fines and kennel fees within 7 days, then they can collect them. Else destroy them.

A bit like uninsured cars.

On 03/04/2014 13:46:00 Anthony Miller wrote:
Isn't it possible in the era of DNA to identify which actual dog created which actual poo? They do it in New Jersey, Boston and Chiago ...come on Croydon Council ...we are getting left behind in poo fines and elimination game.
On 16/04/2014 14:21:00 R Yaxley wrote:
Please please please extend this to the bottom end of Sanderstead Hill and around Sanderstead Station. It is a big problem here, largely caused by just one or two dog owners.


Gavin: I've passed this onto the Councillors for the area as you fall just outside my patch.

On 08/05/2014 11:07:00 Mrs Yvonne Holder wrote:
A very good idea. Well done Croydon Council, hope it works, but you need to widen the field of trial. There are many dog owners in the Addiscombe area most of whom are very conscious of their responsibilities when walking their dogs, but there are still some who are not, and either do not want to pick up or don't really care about their residents in the area.



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