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Croydon Restaurant Quarter given £3 million funding boost
14/03/2014 14:20:00


I am delighted that following lobbying from local Conservative Councillors and myself that the restaurant quarter in South End is about to benefit from a £3 million street makeover from Croydon Council as part of its £50 million Connected Croydon plan, the Council is redesigning the area to support South End’s restaurant offer and build on its success as a place for people to eat out.

Work begins this month and will include a range of improvements to the local street scene including new public spaces for people to enjoy along South End and Selsdon Road, with more opportunities for restaurants and cafes to spill out on the street and build on the existing atmosphere. Three new seating areas will be created and new trees planted, while the pavements will be de-cluttered and the pedestrian guardrail removed.

The goal is for pedestrians to find travelling around the area easier, safer and more pleasant so the pavements in South End and Selsdon Road will be widened with the road narrowed to encourage lower traffic speeds. The Council will provide cycle parking and at least one in five of the buildings will be given help to improve their shop frontage to help create a welcoming atmosphere.

The improvements will be completed in time for Christmas 2014, with the initial phase completed in time for the now annual summer food festival.

To find out more about the Connected Croydon programme, please visit http://www.connectedcroydon.tumblr.com.

UPDATE: It has been pointed out to me - quite rightly - that I should have given credit to the local businesses and residents who have been working with the Council to develop these plans as well as the local councillors and myself!

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On 13/03/2014 19:35:00 Jim wrote:
I'm sure residents will be very happy to hear restaurant-goers "spilling out" on to the street, creating "atmosphere".

"Road narrowed to encourage lower traffic speeds". Sounds like the car-hating, Guardian-reading public planners with their dodgy Geography degrees are still in control at Weatherill towers.

Same old story... the state hits business with taxes (NI, corp tax, rates, licences etc), keeps much of it for its own officials (inc pensions) and makes a virtue of handing some of it back (or in this case spending on green crap).

Meanwhile.. public debt is £1.3trillion and rising by £2billion a week. £50million is more than £100 per person living in Croydon. Either pay down the debt or let people choose for themselves how to spend their money.

Suggest some de-cluttering at Croydon Council! A few blokes to fill pot holes would do the trick.

On 14/03/2014 19:35:00 Tom wrote:
i would think that the best help to the restaurants would be to make more parking availiable so narrowing the road will not be of any benefit to them
On 15/03/2014 10:46:00 Richard Palmer wrote:
Nice to see this sort of thing happening.

If it works as well as the street works in Lower Addiscombe Road have done, it will be successful.

Hopefully improved parking facilities and timings will be considered

On 15/03/2014 12:36:00 JAY BENEDICT wrote:
What about Mathew's Yard? Still looks an empty stage set with nothing going on....

When are the main protagonists arriving with the costumes, make up scenery and props? And the audience that lifts you when you're down? The water tower remains empty and closed-Why not develop that into a theatre? Why so empty for so long except for one lonely café brilliantly run by Saif? Answers on a postcard please.....




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