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Tackling rogue landlords
14/01/2014 10:59:00


The Government is taking action on rogue landlords to ensure people don’t get ripped off when they rent a flat or house.

It’s introducing a new Tenant’s Charter and a new compulsory redress scheme. Both of these will raise the quality and choice of rented accommodation and give more power to tenants and councils so we can root out the cowboys and rogue operators in the sector.

These measures, through new model agreements, will also give tenants the information they need to help them agree longer-term tenancies that cut costs and meet their needs - and when things do go wrong, new guidance to local councils will give them the confidence to take action without fear of eviction or harassment.

Croydon has also been allocated £82,000 to specifically help tackle rogue landlords. More information here.

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Readers' Comments

On 16/01/2014 19:22:00 Jim wrote:
So much for cutting red tape. This "allocated" money is actually tax taken from individuals and businesses and given to council officialdom so they can dream up more ways to justify their existance.

So called "rogue landlords" will ignore it. Other landlords will face increased costs/risk and have to put rents up to compensate. Just as with the pointless HMO legislation.

Really getting fed up with this government. Too many broken promises.

On 30/01/2014 02:59:00 Sidney Cook wrote:
Tackling rogue landlords

I think the government is right to take action on rogue landlords; this is one area where the consumer's rights and protection are unclear and hard to access. However, having measures in place to help the tenants and their finding out about them and being able to address their needs are two different things.

Until I became a housing association tenant I never knew a thing about the register of fair rents, and I'm led to believe that there are a great number of people renting in the private sector who don't. In those days I rented a bedsit in West Croydon. The rent was exorbitant and the condition of the building was at best appalling. A lady in her eighties who also rented a bedsit in the same building stated that, "Never in [her] wildest dreams had [she] ever imagined that [she] could end up in a place such as [that]." When I moved from there to a studio flat rented from a housing association there was a significant drop in the weekly rent, coupled with the fact that the landlord could be counted upon to do any repairs efficiently with an absolute minimum of delay.

What I didn't know back then was that if either I or the landlord had applied to have a fair rent registered for the property then that would have laid down an absolute maximum that the landlord could charge. In the absence of a registered fair rent the landlord is free to charge whatever he or she wants, which will be the absolute maximum that they believe they can get for a property in that area. Making use of this service is free, but the Valuation Office Agency won't contact the public, they have to approach them, which is impossible if you don't know anything about it. In the private sector a landlord will obviously charge the registered rent as soon as it is in place, but housing associations tend to charge less than the maximum they are entitled to. I would have saved a significant amount if I'd known I could have done that. Maybe it would be an idea to provide advice on things like this on the back of council tax bills or in some other way where the information will reach the people who need it most.

On 30/01/2014 06:46:00 john jones wrote:
May i please take this opportunity of pointing out to Jim that their is nothing 'so called' about rogue landlords. They are a reality and a blight on society. I was the victim of one such landlord. There was very little redress available to me short of going to the high court which would have bankrupted me in the short term. He was such an unbelievably bad landlord that I have no doubt whatsoever that i would have won my case but I would not have been able to sustain myself in the interim. Any money which can go towards combating the menace of rogues in any field is money well spent and is to be applauded. I must point out that there are as many good landlords as there are bad ones.



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