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Government curbs rail fare increases
07/01/2014 11:59:00


Towards the end of the year, the Government announced that it was curbing the rail industry’s power to increase fares.

The last Labour government introduced something called ‘flex’. Under this system, train companies could raise fares on specific routes by considerably more than the maximum increase in average fares. This meant that fares got cut on commuter routes with few passengers and went up on the more popular ones.

From now on, the ability of train operators to do this is being limited just two per cent and average fares won’t be allowed to increase by more than inflation. Taken together, these two changes will prevent the large rises that we’ve seen in the past.

Of course, this won’t cut fares, just stop them increasing by more than inflation. But if we want more frequent, longer trains to reduce overcrowding, we have to pay for the necessary investment. This policy strikes the right balance between improving the network and protecting hard-pressed commuters from big increases in fares.

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Readers' Comments

On 07/01/2014 13:32:00 Paul Collins wrote:
While it is good that something has been done to control the price increases, I question why it has taken so long to do. Secondly, both Southern and First CC services at peak times have seen an increase in delays, cancellations or trains running with a shortage of carriages.

Lastly issue that no one has yet to sort out is TFL scrapped outer london travelcards which means us in Croydon who wish to travel anywhere in Zones 2 - 6 still have to purchase one that includes zone 1.

Perhaps if something was done on these issues, people would be more happy to see small increases on fares.

On 07/01/2014 14:09:00 Jeff Cheeseman wrote:
Could someone enlighten me as to when the railways were re-nationalised? TOCs want longer trains to get more passengers travelling on their services, but where is their investment? Oh, that's right, they fear investing themselves as the ROI is long term and their franchise deals are just short term money making opprtunities at the expense of the UK taxpayer, whether they use the services or not, just like it was pre-privatisation. If any Govt. wants to control the fare system they should establish a national ticketing system and allocate funds to the better performing TOCs.
On 07/01/2014 18:42:00 Tony Martin wrote:
If it wasn’t for mass immigration we wouldn’t need to increase rail capacity. A lot of people aren’t getting pay rises and those that are, are getting rises of less than inflation. Rail fares should be being cut not increased.

In 2010 the Conservatives pledged to reduce Net Immigration to the tens of thousands, but it now stands at around 182,000 a year and we are having to pay for lengthening to train platforms, a super sewer and building thousands of new homes.




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