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NHS services in Croydon get above inflation increase
20/12/2013 08:59:00


The Government has just announced the funding allocations for Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) across the country for the next financial year. CCGs are the GP-led bodies that are responsible for deciding how the NHS budget is spent in each part of the country.

We have long argued that the NHS in Croydon doesn't get a fair share of the national cake, much as we argue that Croydon Council doesn't get a fair share of local government funding (and as we used to argue that Croydon Police didn't get a fair share of the Metropolitan Police budget until Boris changed the formula used to allocate that budget) and for the same reason - the formula used has failed to keep pace with demographic changes in the borough.

In that context, it's good to see that Croydon CCG has done significantly better than most CCGs, getting an increase of 3.55% compared with a national average of 2.56%.

Good news, but not as good as we hoped - of the 211 CCGs in England, Croydon has got the 31st biggest increase. I’ll be meeting with Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, to discuss why some neighbouring boroughs have got bigger increases early in the new year.

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On 22/12/2013 13:40:00 Irene Harris wrote:
As we have discussed before (meeting about immigration), we in Croydon are at the biggest disadvantage in that we have Lunar House in the Borough. The more wealthy people coming into the country can afford to travel from a distance, those who can't stay in the Borough, so we have a bigger pressure on housing, medical facilities, policing etc. I do not blame the people coming into the country, especially the genuine assylum seekers, but Croydon cannot afford to take the brunt without extra cash.
On 29/12/2013 20:43:00 Jim wrote:
I see no joy in taking our money and shovelling it into the failed NHS. 4 months of my mother in hospital has demonstrated to me how inefficient and poorly run the organisation is (as if I didn't know) not to mention downright dangerous. A private organisation wouldn't last 5 minutes with the working practices (let alone IT) of this holy cow. "Customer" is an alien concept - as a patient you are bottom of the list. NHS staff care more about internal targets, demarcation lines and covering themselves than satisfying consumers. Free at the point of need means no bargaining power at the point of use.

Jeremy Hunt (such a nice man) is fussing to save the cancer whilst killing the patient.

The "cake" is OUR "cake". Return it to taxpayers - and let people choose their healthcare (ie choose NOT to use state-run hospitals, and especially not May-die.) People who can't afford it will get benefits, just as do those who can't afford to pay for food, water clothing or energy.

Seems even UKIP are a little shy to abolish the NHS, though I suspect they'd like to. A nod in that direction and they'll get my vote for that alone. Nothing is more important than public safety.




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