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Petition to make Watcombe Road one-way
18/12/2013 14:25:00


Over the summer, my team and I have called on every property in Watcombe Road, South Norwood, to see if there were any concerns about local services or the local area that I could help with. The road is quite narrow and very heavily parked so the main issue reported was the frequency of stand-offs between drivers who meet half-way down the road, are unable to pass and unwilling to reverse.

Over the last few weeks, we have therefore been back to Watcombe Road to collect signatures for a petition calling on Croydon Council to make the road one way. 45 households signed with only one saying that they disagreed with the idea.

The Council looked at this a few years ago but were unable to proceed because of a disabled resident living at one end of the road, who would no longer have been able to park outside their home. As this individual no longer lives at that address, I hope the Council will look at this issue again.

I’ve handed the petition to the Council and once I hear back I’ll write to every resident in Watcombe Road to keep them updated on progress.

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On 23/12/2013 00:36:00 Sidney Cook wrote:

I admire the desire to make things easier for local people, but it is not clear from the text whether or not it is Watcombe Road, South Norwood which is meant, and the bad quality picture does nothing to clarify this. I live close to Watcombe Road, South Norwood, and would certainly agree that there is a strong case for making it one way. Indeed, I would recommend that you don't stop there, but lobby to make all of the roads which communicate with that part of Portland Road (i.e. Sandown, Oakley, Ferndale, Dundee etc.) one way, with the directions reversing for alternate roads. I've even seen fast food delivery people park their cars in the narrow, clear centre of these streets while they make deliveries, to the absolute fury of motorists who might come along while they are not in the driving seat. I don't drive myself but it is easy to see that something needs to be done. This would also serve to make life safer for pedestrians, which should be welcome by anyone with children at the local primary school, or the secondary school which is being discussed for this area. This is obviously going to increase traffic in this general area.




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