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£4.3 million to be spent improving Wellesley Road – what do you think?
10/09/2013 16:34:00


Croydon Council has launched a consultation asking for feedback on their plans to invest £4.3 million to improve Wellesley Road.

The Council’s main priority is to make the road more pedestrian friendly – at the moment, it’s an urban motorway cutting the town centre in two and with the exceptions of its junction with George St only crossable via unwelcoming subways. With that in mind the Council is planning:

• A new pedestrian crossing at Lansdowne Road directly connecting the new exit from East Croydon station to the Whitgift Centre. The existing subway would be closed and filled in.

• A new pedestrian crossing between Bedford Park and Poplar Walk. Again the existing subway would be closed and filled in.

• New paving, widened and de-cluttered footways, new lighting and signage, seating and tree and shrub planting.

The new crossings already built on Park Lane and across the Croydon Flyover have made a huge difference to pedestrians and cyclists, so it’s good to hear the Council wants to expand this work. You can find the details here.

This project is part of Connected Croydon, a £53m programme of co-ordinated public realm works and transport improvements designed to transform the appearance of the town centre and the ease with which you can walk around it. Our current town centre was largely developed in the 1960s with the car in mind. Of course it’s important that people can get around by car, but it makes for an unfriendly built environment that has a major impact on the town’s image. If we want more people to shop here and businesses to locate here it’s one of the things we need to change. It’s good to hear the Council feels the same way.

Please do take a look at the plans and be sure to feedback by visiting www.connectedcroydon.tumblr.com.

Enquires and comments can also be sent to tom.sweeney@croydon.gov.uk or by calling him on 0208 726 6000 (ext: 62575).

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Readers' Comments

On 11/09/2013 12:03:00 Jim wrote:
Sounds like one of those pointless (and costly) "consultation" exercises where the the decision's already been made. I note "This project is part of Connected Croydon, a £53m programme of co-ordinated public realm works" and "A new pedestrian crossing at Lansdowne Road directly connecting the new exit from East Croydon station to the Whitgift Centre" ... Is it really the case that following a consultation, the Council might decide to abandon the project leaving Croydon "disconnected", leaving East Croydon with a bridge to nowhere?

Public "servants" like nothing more than these paper shuffling exercises. They can pretend to be interested in public opinion whilst sneering behind the scenes. A great way to waste our money.

On 18/09/2013 11:41:00 Jim wrote:
The more I think about this proposal, the more annoyed I get. The Wellesley Road and underpass (along with the flyover and the Roman Way) was a fantastic example of 1960s planning, now being undermined piecemeal. This stuff should be listed!

Croydon is already becoming a nightmare for car users and these changes will make matters worse. The extra crossings will cause extra congestion on what is already a road prone to tail backs. Bus users already get delayed as they take second place to trams as they pass through central Croydon. These changes represent two more bottlenecks for them to contend with.

If the government wasn't wasting our money on HS2, perhaps a bit of the tunnelling budget could be reallocated to extend the underpass. That might work.

But really this is a solution looking for a problem. Pedestrians wishing to access central Croydon from East Croydon station can walk down George Street, as they do at present.

The roads in central Croydon are in an atrocious state. The Council should deal with filling in potholes before it wastes any more of OUR money on more traffic lights, fancy paving, funny coloured road surfaces and "public realm initiatives".

On 04/10/2013 18:04:00 Matthew Carr wrote:
No, don't do it. Renovate the ones we have for what? 400,000? Price of a steam washer from Argos? 4.5 MILLION? Just throwing money away. Get a good steam washer and have at it on the streets. That's all it needs. Actually buy one for the Center of Croydon don't rent one as we can use it for the next 10 years.

Should have dropped the whole road underground back 15 years ago when it was suggested. Missed the chance now the Trams are there. (Which could have gone on elevated tracks)

This whole regeneration is going to end up a mess. 1 billion spent by people who'll just pop in once or twice in the next decade to look at it... maybe... Whole thing needs to be looked over by people who have used the Whitgift center and surrounding areas. Fill in 2 Walkways that just need re-tiling because the councils abandoned them for 20 years? I mean Christ... hit up Ikea and B&Q do the whole thing for around 20 grand... including the pavements. (stick on an extra 10k for labour)

On 04/10/2013 18:17:00 Ron Sampson wrote:
Keep traffic flowing to reduce CO2. Jazz up the pedestrian tunnel by making it a pleasant experience to walk through, include the tunnel security into the Whitgift responsibility. Lock it at night. Lighting/music and a larger decorated tunnel themed from the new station exit would be better than waiting for traffic lights to change and risking accidents.
On 04/10/2013 20:58:00 Hilary Hoad wrote:
This is clearly stirring up strong feelings, and I have a lot of sympathy with observations about the cost and the state of the roads. On the other hand, central Croydon is an ugly, soulless place which is hostile to just about everyone - road users and pedestrians alike. Anything which makes it safer and more pleasant to get about in gets my vote, but could it not be achieved a bit more cheaply? If nothing else, perhaps get local big business to sponsor some of the costs so that public money can be spent where it's badly needed. So much has already been thrown away on pointless things like bumps in the road, but let's not forget that local residents need to be able to get about on 4 wheels as well as two - or none!
On 05/10/2013 08:09:00 Matthew Smith wrote:
The consultation for this ended on the 23rd of September. All that this will do is create more traffic congestion through one of the 2 main roads that cross Croydon.
On 05/10/2013 09:26:00 Dawn Lambert wrote:
More money going to consultants - what a waste!



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