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Government provides extra £4.5 million to help NHS in Croydon cope with winter pressures
10/09/2013 12:32:00


I am delighted that the Government has today announced that Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, which runs Croydon University Hospital and community health services in Croydon, will be getting an additional £4.5 million to help it cope with the additional pressures that the A&E Department in particular will experience over the winter. You can read the full details of the announcement here.

The NHS as a whole is having to cope with rising numbers of people attending A&E Departments as more and more people are living with chronic conditions. That pressure is particularly acute in places like Croydon that for years have had a relative raw deal in terms of NHS funding. I’ve been lobbying hard behind the scenes for extra funding to help the new leadership at our local hospital cope with these pressures and I am delighted that the Government has responded. In the long term of course what we need is a fairer system of allocating NHS funding around the country.

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On 13/09/2013 09:02:00 Jim wrote:
Last month my ageing mother waited 2 hours for an ambulance, having called 999 3 times. She was slumped on the floor during this time. On arrival, Mayday was hopeless and had to arrange an "urgent ambulance transfer" to St Georges. It took Mayday 5 hours to arrange this, during which time we were constantly fobbed off. Nobody seemed to know what was going on. In all it took 3 days before she saw a consultant and treatment was started. She probably won't fully recover.

We asked the ambulance to take her to Orpington (just has near where we were), but they refused. So much for "NHS choice".

That is the horror of the NHS today. Bungling incompetence, poor management. I don't think it is a resource issue - it is a management issue. Zero choice, zero accountability (to customers, that is, not government targets), zero recourse.

St Georges is not much better. Consultants that disappear at weekends, MRI scanners that stand idle. (Can you imagine EasyJet having its planes parked up over weekends? Private entities have to maximise their return on capital, not like the wasteful public sector.)

The NHS needs to be closed down (except perhaps for A&E) and everybody given the chance to access private medicine. Holding the folding means you get respected. As for A&E, 2 hours for a 999 call is criminal given my mother has being paying tax for 55 years. No doubt the call centre monkeys were prioritising drunks during this time (signs of blood, becoming unconscious - sounds more serious). The paramedics, on arrival, even advised us to lie if we have to call 999 again in order to get up the pecking order. Any system that is free at the point of use will be abused - especially if it can be done so with impunity.




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