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Friday's public meeting on health
13/05/2013 13:20:00

On Friday night I hosted a public meeting covering the Government NHS reforms; its focus on improving quality of care in light of the Mid-Staffordshire scandal; planned changes for hospitals in South West London and the quality of services at our local hospital.

The presentation I gave at the start of the meeting is below:

A recording of the meeting was made by Croydon Radio and you can listen to it here:

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Readers' Comments

On 13/05/2013 19:44:00 Jim wrote:
Regret I couldn't attend (probably just as well), I'm not in the UK at the moment. I've looked the presentation. Still don't understand why we are forced to obtain our healthcare from the state.

Just like most government-run services, NH"S" is failing and will always fail. Astonishingly the government seems to regard it as a virtue that the money it shovels into this particular black hole is ring-fenced. Where does it go? Overpaid doctors, broken IT systems, management/restructuring, rebranding/changing logos, endless politicking. Foreigners (from developed countries) are horrified at the thought of falling ill in the UK. Anyone who can afford private medical cover trots off to buy it (or their company does). If the NH"S" were abolished, we could all afford private medical cover. People who sing the praises of the NH"S" are either 1) NH"S" workers, 2) have been conditioned to have low expectations, or 3) in need of treatment.

Food is essential to life. People who can't afford it get a handout from the government and shop in private supermarkets just like anyone else. Can you imagine if we had a "National Supermarket Service" because "food should be free at the point of hunger"? Imagine the awful service you'd get from such a place. We have an NH"S" that even the GDR would be ashamed of.

Reality is, there is no choice/dignity/respect unless you are holding the folding. With the NH"S" you are grateful for what you can get. They've got your money and you'll put up or shut up.

On 08/07/2013 15:50:00 Clive wrote:
I agree with Jim. The NH"S" is really poor. My mother had a stroke three years ago and they were more interested in : 1) Kicking her out of hospital without finding out about her care 2) Grabbing her home to pay for care 3) Giving her no information on claiming "Attendance allowance", which she has losses amount to £5,000 until she was told about it by a friend.

My doctor always says care is not available as she knows I have a "Benenden plan". And is quick to refer me to Benenden for private treatment. So what do I pay my taxes for as the NH"S" cannot provide for me.

The NH"S" needs scrapping, its a dinosaur which should have been fossilised long ago.




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