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29/12/2012 18:07:00


I've written two article for the Conservative Home website over the holidays.

The first, published yesterday, was on why increasing our support among black and minority ethnic communities is an existential challenge for the Conservative Party.

The second, published today, sets out some thoughts on what we need to do to meet this challenge.

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On 01/01/2013 18:49:00 Jim wrote:
As a white British person in Croydon, presumably I'm part of a "minority ethnic community" to which you refer?

Seriously though, I find this kind of approach intensely patronising and distasteful.

The issues of the day are the relationship with Europe, the economy, crime, immigration, cutting red tape, taxes, housing, and benefit scroungers - particularly those making babies which taxpayers have to support.

The government has failed to get a grip. We have had endless Islington/Westminster village distractions - gay marriage (probably alienates the very "communities" you are talking about), House of Lords reform, Cameron's relationship with certain media executives. Cameron has shown he can't be trusted on Europe. Then of course, we have the economy which isn't recovering fast enough to satisfy the ignorant masses who don't quite appreciate the scale of the mess created by Labour.

People vote in elections, not "communities". If the Conservatives are to win then they need credible policies on issues that appeal to the mainstream. This may or may not draw support from all "communities". If it doesn't, then so be it.

I can see the desire to appeal to develop policies to appease the "ethnic majority" in Croydon. The collateral damage will be loss of support to UKIP who now look like the true home of traditional Conservative voters even discounting the Europe issue. I was always in favour of a switch to AV believing it to be a fairer system. It wasn't supported by you or the Conservatives and the vote was lost. The weird thing is, I believe the Conservatives will pay a terrible price for not supporting AV as UKIP voters won't be able express a preference for the Conservatives over Labour as a second choice. Given the arguments that were run at the time of the referendum, come the election I don't think you can expect the "UKIP-curious" to have any truc with the argument that they mustn't vote UKIP for fear of letting Labour in.

On 14/01/2013 12:14:00 Anthony Miller wrote:
You could always do what Barbados does and have two Labour parties

Instead of a Conservative party and a Labour party

(Of course one of them actually a Conservative party only with Labour in the name)

But literally no one in the Caribbean would vote for a party that dared to actually call it’s self Conservative?

Getting an idea of the size of the mountain you have to climb?

Ken Livingstone was pilloried at the Mayoral election for noting that historically obvious truth that

Votes for the left are inversely proportional to wealth

Well, in the UK black people are poorer on the whole than white people.

Therefore they would be a bit silly to vote Conservative?


It maybe simplifying the right wing ideology a bit

- I mean, even I must admit that some of Adam Smith’s witterings were amusing –

But the bottom line of voter behaviour is that historically the Conservatives are the party of the rich (someone’s got to be?)

While the Labour party are historically the party of the poor (someone’s got to be?)

If you want my advice. Which I’m sure you can manage without …

Solve the problem of why black children do worse than white children in education

And solve the general problem of a lack of social mobility among black people

And your problem of a lack of black Conservative voters may start to magically solve its self?

Even the Daily Mail opines that Britain has the worst social mobility in the western world.




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