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Redeveloping Lansdowne Road
10/11/2012 08:48:00


Croydon Council are asking residents for feedback on their plans to improve the route between the soon-to-be-opened northern entrance to East Croydon station and the Whitgift Centre.

At the moment, the route across the Gateway site to the Dingwall Road/Lansdowne Road roundabout, down Lansdowne Road and into the Whitgift Centre via an underpass under Wellesley Road isn’t particularly welcoming.

Research suggests that about a third of the passengers who travel from East Croydon station will make use of the new northern entrance. That’s 7 million people a year and many of them will want to use this route into the town centre so there’s an urgency to making it more attractive.

The Council’s plans include high-quality paving, new trees, seating, a new taxi rank and a redesign of the roundabout to make the area more pedestrian friendly. You can see the detail - and let them have your comments by 30 November - on the Council website. The plan is to have the work completed in time for the opening of the new entrance next summer.

They are separately looking at introducing a surface crossing of Wellesley Road in 2014 - that’s not covered by this consultation.

For the first time in decades, the Council has a plan for the town centre that is deliverable. The new entrance to the station, the improvements to the public realm, the development of Saffron Square are evidence that things are starting to happen on the ground.

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Readers' Comments

On 10/11/2012 14:47:00 Kristian wrote:
no zebra crossings, no plan for preventing motor traffic volumes from booming in this area and a new taxi rank. Forgive me for noticing, but it seems that this supposed "pedestrian and cycling friendly" scheme is going to benefit taxi drivers more than anyone else. We frequently see pedestrians and cyclists championed in the strategy documents, but then a bunch of petrol-heads sit down around a table to actually plan the changes. Follow that up with a false consultation whereby people will be offered to comment and then ignored completely (the design phase is over, after all) and what have you got? Croydon to a Tee.

What Croydon really needs Gavin, is someone to champion active travel in Croydon, making it safe, pleasant and convenient. You know, someone to bang the drum for it in the board rooms, make it the first priority. I hope we'll get someone soon, £40 million about to be wasted redesigning the city to better accommodate motorists.

On 11/11/2012 10:06:00 Angus H wrote:
The redevelopment is an improvement, without a doubt, but there are some important lessons to learn from the pioneering shared space redevelopment of Exhibition Road that should be applied here.

Does it make the space a nicer place for pedestrians than it was before? Certainly, walking up and down it is much more pleasant than before.

Does it live up to its designers claims, which is that it would encourage considerate behaviour from all road users through "negotiation"? Well, not really - crossing to the other side has barely improved, if at all. There's a constant stream of through traffic that pays little heed to pedestrians except at priority crossings (which the design is supposed to render obsolete).

Why not? From a driving point of view, the social imperative (negotiate) conflicts with learned behaviour (don't slow down the traffic behind) and indeed safety (don't slow down because there's a bus sat on your back wheel). Especially true on a roundabout.

From a pedestrian point of view, even if most drivers & cyclists do negotiate, it only takes a small percentage who won't (either because they have a financial imperative to get the job done as quickly as possible, or because they're just antisocial) to make the whole thing offputting & risky.

So it comes down to might-is-right, and if you want to see any kind of parity between people on foot & people on wheels, things have to be rebalanced a little.

The best option is to give pedestrians explicit priority on the crossings on the roundabout arms. Zebras allow people to cross without delay, and seeing as there are going to be huge numbers using this route, in principle it's the right thing to do.

If there's a large volume of traffic which has no alternative but to use the roundabout, and a steady stream of people, that may not be possible. If that's the case, perhaps an "Oxford Circus in miniature" diagonal crossing is needed. With future planned redevelopments & transport upgrades I can envisage many more than 7m/year arriving via East Croydon station in a few years time, and it needs to be able to handle that without crowds spilling out on to the street in the wait phase.

Ultimately, people will vote with their feet & spend time & money in places that are pleasant to be in. Get it right, and the Thameslink & tram upgrades will bring people in to Croydon to shop & eat. Get it wrong, and the traffic will all be in the other direction.

On 19/11/2012 17:13:00 Jim wrote:
Of course now we have the "bridge to nowhere", it must become a "bridge to somewhere". So this council/mayor/GLA backed (ie spending our money again) scheme will take foot traffic away from George Street. Just what traders in George Street want! And when that becomes a wasteland (plenty of units empty already) no doubt the planners will get all excited about making George Street "cleaner" and "safer" with some posh paving and nano-trees.

No thank you.

Please stop spending OUR money.




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