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Work started on crossings for walkers and cyclists
25/09/2012 09:43:00


Walkers and cyclists will find it easier to get around the town centre thanks to a series of new crossings that are being introduced.

One will be on Park Lane connecting College Green and Fairfield Halls to Queen’s Gardens; another will be across the Park Lane end of Croydon Flyover. Both will be ‘toucan crossings’ for pedestrians and cyclists. The crossing on Barclay Road will be upgraded from a pelican crossing to a toucan control, improving the link from Park Hill to the Law Courts and Fairfield Halls.

The three new crossings form part of the town centre section of the Connect2 route – a cycle and walking link to parks and green spaces between Wandle Park and Lloyd Park via the town centre and will enable people to cross at street level if they prefer that to using underpasses. Funding for this has come from Croydon Council, Boris and the Greater London Authority, the Big Lottery Fund and Sustrans.

The crossings will be developed one at a time and construction is expected to be complete by mid-November.

Connect2 is part of the Connected Croydon project, a £48 million programme of improvements to the town centre’s street scene, public spaces and transport links. The project is a key part of the Council’s redevelopment plans, improving the links between the borough’s key gateways and the town centre’s new developments designed to bring new jobs and regeneration for the benefit of the whole borough.

Ultimately though these crossings make a huge contribution to Council plans to help more people of all ages to enjoy convenient and safe routes by foot or by cycle to our parks and green spaces by taking them safely through the town centre’s shops, restaurants and bars.

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Readers' Comments

On 25/09/2012 17:09:00 John Cartwright wrote:
It's worth clarifying what this means:

Toucan crossings are for bicycles as well as pedestrians;

Puffin crossings have the red-and-green men on the same side as the button;

Pelican crossings have the red-and-green men sign on the opposite side.

Along Fairfield Road, the pelicans are being turned into puffins.

On 28/09/2012 00:33:00 Jim wrote:
In isolation, I suppose this is a good thing. But there has been a relentless rise in the amount of street clutter in central Croydon. Girders holding up tram wires, tram boxes of various sorts, litter bins. street maps, traffic signs, railings, electrical/monitoring/anonymous looking metal boxes, traffic/pedestrian lights, advertisements, rubbish bags put out for collection, poles including that don't appear to serve any purpose at all. Then you have all the paint on the roads - chevrons, hatched areas, yellow lines etc. And then the patchwork quilt of different road surfaces. No doubt for each of these there is an official somewhere who thought his particular bit of decoration is essential to human existence.

The tram stuff is particularly bad - no style to those poles at all. They look like they were borrowed from a building site. The tram stops themselves have gained an extra sign board recently.

My pet hate is council propaganda advertising - in particular the ones that appeared with the slogan "my council... puts on events for me throughout the summer" complete with pictures of happy looking souls. The truth is "My council clutters up my life".

So now officialdom is talking about the "street scene". Might I suggest they look back at pictures of Croydon 100 years ago - George Street perhaps. So much nicer then with its clean lines and decorative features.

All this clutter makes for an ugly and hostile environment. If it can't be removed in one go, might I suggest (reminiscent of another policy) that we have a "one in, one out" rule?

On 30/09/2012 00:57:00 Graham wrote:
Toucan crossings can apparently either have the crossing signals opposite, as with the pelican crossings, or on the same side as with the puffin crossings. I rather suspect these will be the latter as puffin crossings seem to be in the in thing. Personally I find this a worrying development.

I have always found the pelican crossings encourage you to be looking across the road where you can easily swing your head in both directions to check oncoming traffic and also use your peripheral vision. They also encourage you to see who wants to cross from the other direction which allows you to make room for those pushing buggies, in wheelchairs, the infirm etc so you can all cross quickly and safely. Finally they also have a illuminated 'Wait' sign on the near side of the road for those that find it useful to have one there.

On the other hand I find the puffin crossings encourage you take your eyes away from the road and look one way towards a sign that partially obscures oncoming traffic from that direction and leaves you oblivious to what is coming the other way, and also who would like to cross from the other side. I find them inherently more dangerous, counter intuitive and completely out of kilter with the sensible 'look both ways and listen' approach to crossing the road. They have several other sensible features but I just don't understand why there can't be crossing indicators on both near side and far side to cater for all. The increased cost would be marginal but the safety would be improved dramatically.




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