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New Business Improvement District – driving growth in New Addington
24/09/2012 10:16:00


Croydon Council has supported a Business Improvement District (BID) for New Addington.

New Addington BID will be formed by business rate payers from Central Parade, Salcot Crescent and Chertsey Crescent and each year will raise a levy which will be reinvested into regenerating the area, assisting economic growth and supporting local community projects.

This would be Croydon’s second BID, following the very successful Croydon Town Centre BID that has funded more police, extra cleaning and regular events in the town centre.

There would need to be a ballot of the business rate payers in the area to set it up, but the organisations have been involved in discussing this since 2008 so this is likely to be just a formality.

In total the BID levy would raise an estimated £105,000 over five years based on contributions set at an extra two per cent of the business rate per year. If other developments go ahead, such as the proposed new leisure centre and supermarket on Central Parade, then this is likely to increase significantly and improve the range of projects that New Addington BID could support.

The BID’s proposed priorities for its first year include Market Square maintenance and a programme of events, funding Christmas lights, planting new trees and flowerbeds and the online promotion of local businesses.

This new BID is an opportunity for local businesses to have a direct impact on their area. People who don’t know it often describe New Addington as deprived. It does have its problems but it has an incredibly strong sense of community. It’s great to see businesses prepared to pay extra tax to help improve the place.

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Readers' Comments

On 24/09/2012 23:17:00 Jim wrote:
An extra 2% on rates?

Perhaps the council could find this through efficiency savings - how about trimming back pensions to the sort of level that those in the private sector can expect. Pity businesses can't vote on that one.

On 19/12/2012 08:03:00 Maria galyer wrote:

I was very pleased & excited to see the work in progress to transform central Parade, However when it ws completed i was dismayed to see the end result. The boulders are beautifull but look out of place along that section. the whole area is just a mass of bricks & concrete. it looks bear, univiting & colourless. please inject some colour & life into the area.

Kind Regards

Maria Galyer




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