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Need some new trees on your street?
13/08/2012 16:13:00


Over time, some of Croydon’s street trees have died or had to be removed. The Council each year tries to replace as many of them as possible so if you’d like to see a replacement planted on your road, this is the right time of year to speak up.

They’re keen to hear from anyone who can identify street locations that previously held trees and that could benefit from new planting. They do specify though that new trees will only be planted in existing footpath tree pits.

If you know of an area that could do with sprucing up then please get in touch with the Council’s trees and woodlands team and let them know:

• where you would like to see a tree planted;

• if there is already a tree pit there, and if it contains a dead tree or has been asphalted over;

• what type of tree you would like; and

• if you would be happy to water the tree for the first few years – especially in dry weather.

The Council normally plants new trees between the beginning of December and end of February.

Let them know by email (parks@croydon.gov.uk) or call the Council switchboard on 020 8726 6000 and ask for the Green spaces division, Public realm office, Stubbs Mead Depot, Factory Lane, Croydon CRO 3RL.

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Readers' Comments

On 28/08/2012 13:38:00 Anthony Miller wrote:
Talking about trees, can you do something about the ever annoying squirrel population? They've cost me a lot of money to eliminate. They chew wires, rip up loft insulation and do a disturbing volume of elongated poo. Is there anything the Council can do to help keep the population under control?
On 29/08/2012 10:23:00 Mario Creatura wrote:
Hi Anthony,

I've spoken to the Council for you and they have this to say:

"We do not take any action to control the squirrel population and have no intention of starting to do so. They are not carriers of disease as are other rodents and therefore not deemed to be a public health hazard, although they can carry mites or fleas – clearly not ideal if they get into the house. They can cause damage to wiring etc if they get into loft spaces but it is the responsibility of occupiers to make sure their properties are squirrel proof. They can also be a nuisance as they take fruit and nuts from trees, but this is not something the council would get involved in.

The Council does provide a pest control service for squirrels at a cost of £95.69 - this is for squirrels that are inside a property and involves laying bait and giving advice on blocking any entrance holes.

from the Head of Housing Standards and Enforcement"




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