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BBC London 94.9 research
14/03/2012 07:20:00

This morning, I was interviewed on BBC London 94.9 about some research they have commissioned into what people in different London boroughs feel about their area.

The research was conducted in five London boroughs - Croydon, Greenwich, Hackney, Haringey and Southwark. Generally speaking, Croydon comes out the research pretty positively compared with the other boroughs (as you would expect, given that three of the other boroughs are among the most deprived in London) but it is notable that, while we are the second best borough on "I feel safe living in my neighbourhood", we are the second worst when it comes to "There is a part of my local area that I do not feel safe going to".

Anyway, here are the results in full if you are interested:

"I feel safe living in my neighbourhood"

Croydon 83%

Greenwich 88%

Hackney 77%

Haringey 77%

Southwark 81%

"There is a part of my local area that I do not feel safe going to"

Croydon 52%

Greenwich 46%

Hackney 54%

Haringey 47%

Southwark 49%

As you would expect, younger people are more likely to agree with this statement than older people.

"Where I live is a good place to bring up children"

Croydon 71%

Greenwich 73%

Hackney 60%

Haringey 67%

Southwark 56%

"I would encourage others to move to my neighbourhood"

Croydon 68%

Greenwich 68%

Hackney 66%

Haringey 65%

Southwark 65%

"Politicians and local authorities really care about helping people like me"

Croydon 37%

Greenwich 40%

Hackney 31%

Haringey 34%

Southwark 32%

"The police are on the side of ordinary people in my neighbourhood"

Croydon 79%

Greenwich 81%

Hackney 68%

Haringey 74%

Southwark 73%

"I am confident that my children will get more out of life than me"

Croydon 56%

Greenwich 67%

Hackney 49%

Haringey 58%

Southwark 56%

"I find it hard to keep out of debt"

Croydon 36%

Greenwich 29

Hackney 37%

Haringey 36%

Southwark 31%

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