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Concerns re Croydon Health Services
28/02/2012 17:43:00

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, who are responsible for both Croydon University Hospital and community health services in the borough, have today announced that Chief Executive Nick Hulme has resigned. This clearly isn't the whole story as Nick has been on gardening leave for a while. The whole process has been very opaque and raised questions about the lack of local accountability of those who are ultimately responsible for health services in Croydon.

I spent a week at Croydon University Hospital in 2010 and saw much that impressed me but also some things that were a cause for concern. Feedback from constituents and the recent CQC report reinforced that sense that standards of care are variable. I always found Nick to have a good understanding of what needed to change and a real passion for delivering that change so I for one am sad to see him go.

I will now be seeking an urgent meeting with the Trust Board to hear how they intend to appoint a successor and improve services to Croydon residents.

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On 28/02/2012 22:09:00 CAMPELLBeverley wrote:
I work at the stroke unit as the care manager and have always had a good working relationship with Nick. He has been good for the hospital always being hands on with the patients. I feel the place won't be the same without him, he brought the human touch with him and the Croydon touch and he was in touch with people.

Simon Burns visited the stroke unit on the 14th December and was very impressed with the integration that has been acheived - as you are aware this unit is in the top five of the country. Nick has always supported the work in strokes, something he should be given credit for. I work for the local authority and working side by side with my health colleagues is the way forward.

I will miss Nick, he tried to turn the hospital around.

On 03/03/2012 21:33:00 Milan Patel wrote:
I am extremely concerned about the 35 million pounds of 'overspend'. Surely, if this money is not there it cannot be spent. Linked to this are the accounting and financial qualifications of the Chair of the Finance Committee (Brian Phillpot) - I have been informed he has none. Also Cllr David Fitze was Chair of the Audit Committee at the time the £35 million went ´missing' and again I have been informed he has no finance or accounting qualification. Neither do these Chairs have any other recognised management qualifications.

Disgraceful mismangement of taxpayers' money and lack of expertise for the roles in question.

Please raise this with the Trust Board when you meet them and I look forward to news of the outcomes of your meeting.




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