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Regenerating Central Parade
03/02/2012 19:58:00

It was interesting to see the different views expressed about the future of Central Parade in the letters page of this week's Advertiser. My view is that New Adddington needs investment. The pool, the library and the community centre are all showing their age. And the Parade and the people of New Addington would benefit from a major supermarket – at the moment, many people go elsewhere to do their weekly shop; if Central Parade had a major supermarket, it would be much more convenient for them to shop there and they might then use some of the other shops.

Many people opposed the scheme proposed by the previous Labour Council because its size was completely out of character with the rest of Central Parade. But a development of that size was only necessary because Labour weren’t prepared to put any Council money in – there had to be enough new housing and a big enough supermarket to pay for a new library, pool and community centre.

With a Conservative administration in place at the Town Hall things are different. New Addington is no longer being overlooked. Cllr Tony Pearson and I have successfully lobbied for funding for a new pool to be included in the Council’s capital programme so any new development won’t have to be so big and can respect the village green character of the Parade. It’s a chance for New Addington to finally have the facilities it deserves without changing its character. We should take it with both hands.

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On 16/02/2012 08:50:00 Al Parsons wrote:
I am concerned you are misleading anyone reading your blog by rewriting history.

There was a plan by the Labour administration in 2006, which had majority support up here as far as I know. I also remember that the Conservative administration proposed a very similar scheme which had support of both Labour and Conservative and again I reckon majority support up here. Also, it was a pity that the Conservative administration seemed to listen to the ACA rather than the population at large. As I remember it, there were difficulties due to the delays in the Council making any decisions. However, these plans was only stopped by the Village Green application.

If we are to get new facilities up here, that will be great. We have been waiting a long time. After all, if the scheme that the Conservative administration inherited had gone through, or a slightly modified version had gone through, we would have had a new community centre, new swimming pool, new library and supermarket for about three years now.

I am worried about the latest village green application and hope you have formally opposed it.

I am also worried about all the facilities and services going from New Addington or being cut back massively by the Council.




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