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Interested in helping to change perceptions of young people in Croydon?
09/01/2012 16:24:00

After the riots that took place in Croydon and many other parts of London in early August, I was contacted by a number of young people who were angry about the way in which the media - by talking about "feral teenagers" - effectively demonised a whole generation. They wanted me to help them change this perception.

I have long been concerned about the way in which the media portrays young people and wanted to help so over the last few months I have visited secondary schools, colleges and youth projects around Croydon to see if there were sufficient young people who were interested in meeting up say once a month to do some community work. I would find the necessary funding/equipment and help them publicise their work (and provide references for those who contributed regularly) but they would decide what they wanted to do.

Over a hundred young people have now expressed an interest and the initial meeting is taking place at 11.30am on the 21st January at Croydon Town Hall. The aims of the meeting are to:

a) identify what it is we are going to do - clear up a particular area, create a new facility for young people in a local park, help elderly people with their shopping or gardening, renovate a youth club?; and

b) agree how often and when we are going to meet.

If you're 21 or under and interested in attending (or interested in getting involved but unable to come on the 21st), drop me an email at gavin.barwell.mp@parliament.uk.

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On 12/01/2012 20:18:00 Marilyn Henry wrote:
I totally agree that our young people are not been given a fair deal when it comes to the media and this I feel needs to change. I have worked with young people for many years as a teacher and have noticed the change that has occured mainly because a lot of young people do not have any where to go after school closes. I am ashamed as an adult because I had a youth centre where I lived and it really was a great and interesting place for myself and friends.

I notice in Croydon there is nothing and why is that? Young people work hard in schools to achieve their grades and all they want is a place that can reflect their ideas and dreams, why is it that it took the riots for our government to now want to do something?

Where and why have all the youth clubs gone? I don't beleive that young people should be used to clear up particular areas - we pay enough council tax in this borough, this should be done by the council.




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