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Boris visits Croydon Central for third time since riots
07/09/2011 15:58:00


The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, was in the constituency for the third time since the riots yesterday, meeting with residents and businesses in New Addington who were affected by the attack on Central Parade (pictured with Marion and Paul from Pathfinders and Cllr Tony Pearson). He also took time out to thank the staff of the Addington Community Association who opened their doors in the middle of the night to provide shelter to those who had to abandon their flats above the shops on Central Parade.

It is great to see him taking such an interest in Croydon’s recovery and I took the opportunity to lobby him for a generous allocation from the fund he has set up to support the recovery of town centres damaged by the riots on 8th August.

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Readers' Comments

On 08/09/2011 17:12:00 Al Parsons wrote:
I was interested to see that Boris was up in New Addington, but knew nothing about it until I read about it afterwards, which was a shame. I would have liked to ask him about how much of the £20 million for Tottenham and Croydon is going to go to Croydon generally and New Addington and how decisions are going to be made on the half million that has been awarded to Central Parade. I'm keen on it going on long-lasting things.

By the way, was he not already due to be in Croydon for a Conservative Party fundraiser at the private school you're Chair of Governors? And did he not go to Purley in Croydon South. Your blog gives the impression that he just came to New Addington or maybe it's me?

Also, I see Pathfinders on the picture. Pathfinders seem to be very active. I do hope that you and your colleagues are not going to use this initiative for party political purposes.

On 08/09/2011 18:08:00 Cllr Tony Pearson wrote:
It's always a pleasure to welcome the Mayor to New Addington. He talks to people, not at them, and he listens. This is what a London Mayor should do.

On 09/09/2011 07:50:00 Gavin wrote:

I only knew about the visit shortly beforehand myself. As I said in my original post, I did raise our share not just of the Government's £20 million for Croydon and Tottenham but the Mayor's £50 million post-riot fund with him. Re the £500,000 for Central Parade, you should liaise with Cllr Tony Pearson.

Yes he did go to Purley before but as it isn't my constituency I don't know the details of that and then he went to open the new sixth form centre at Trinity about which I have posted seperately (the reason that post went up a bit later is I was waiting for someone to send me the photo) and then he did a party fundraiser.

Re Pathfinders, they are indeed very active but I can't see Paul, Kirsty or Marion allowing themselves to be used politically by anyone!

On 12/09/2011 14:35:00 Anthony Miller wrote:
Well, while I appreciate that the Coloma Trust did not invent the internal market, do they really need as many as 4 posters on each platform at East Croydon, plus posters in the entrance hall?

Either JCDecaux are having a sale on advertising space, or no one on the high street can afford to advertise OR they've spent a fortune?

I'm not saying these places shouldn't have an advertising budget but is there any way the government could cap it...?

If for no other reason than with its relentless stream of posters of happy young people engaged in industrious learning and worthwhile persuits East Croydon station is starting to resemble the old USSR where the government was obsessed with telling everyone how happy they are all the time.

Still they're not as offensive as some of the posters the council come up with in their "My Croydon" series.

For example "My Croydon... spends too much money promoting its council in a way that's not politically honest".

It isn't entirely the fault of the Coloma Trust but any promoter will tell you that when everyone spends a fortune on advertising everyone else does too.

Resulting in a potential nuclear arms race in advertising.

It's bad enough when this happens in the private sector...but in the public private sector?

I mean there are at least 4 posters on platform 2 alone.

Tell me that isn't overkill?

Does the government have any intention to cap the advertising budgets of these institutions?

On 12/09/2011 16:35:00 Anthony Miller wrote:
I'm surpirsed Boris dare show his face after giving Spurs (a premiership club) £8million of that £20million.

How on earth does that work?

Surely he's just buying them off in a vain attempt to avert the escalating legal row around who will inherit the Olympic Stadium.

I mean I've heard of public private partnership but exactly how is it logical to give one Premiership club control of so much public money?

A policy described recently by Chaz and Dave as Spurs are on their way to Wembley...




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