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Improving street lighting across the borough
24/08/2011 21:21:00


Today I was up in Corbett Close, New Addington to see the first of what will be thousands of new streetlights installed. Croydon and Lewisham Councils have formed a partnership with the construction and development company Skanska, who will take over the day to day responsibility for the maintenance of our street lighting network. Over the first five years of the contract, they will be replacing pretty much all the lights in the borough. The new columns focus the light down onto the road and where necessary additional columns will be installed so lighting levels across the borough will improve. This is great news - not only should it make our roads safer but it will deter some crime and make people feel safer. As well as replacing streetlights, Skanska are replacing the underground cable network in much of the borough and this will make it much easier to identify faults and to raise or lower the lighting levels in particular areas at particular times of the day if required.

As the MP for New Addington, I am delighted that the replacement work has started there. All too often in the past, New Addington has been overlooked - it’s great to see this Council giving it priority. In terms of the other areas that I represent, the provisional plan is that most of Shirley and part of Addiscombe will be done in the first half of next year, the rest of Addiscombe, Woodside, Park Hill and Croydon town centre in 2013/14 and upper Shirley, Addington Village, Forestdale and Monks Hill in 2014/15.

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On 03/03/2014 23:14:00 Joe Melton wrote:
Dear Mr Barwell.

I choose to live in an Edwardian house with Edwardian features on an Edwardian street in Addiscombe. How does the design of the new light complement the age of the street?



On 16/03/2015 13:42:00 Amanda D wrote:
One of the new lights have been put right outside our house. It was switched on this Friday just gone, Friday 13th March. The date was no accident - it is a nightmare! We already have black out blinds but the lights comes in around the edges, it is like sleeping in full day light. Whist this makes me angry that both my husband and I are not sleeping well my real concern is for the birds and other wildlife. We right next to a nature reserve. it seems totally inappropriate. I know the streets need lighting but the height of these lights and the brightness is ridiculous. Is it not a human right to have some level of darkness at night????



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