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Extra funding for the NHS in Croydon
01/04/2011 18:57:00

The NHS in Croydon will receive an extra £16 million in Government funding this year, bringing the total spend on healthcare in Croydon to £577 million.

The extra money will be used to support things like the Cancer Drugs Fund, mental health treatment, extra health visitors and support for carers’ breaks.

The Government has had to take some painful decisions on public spending but it quite rightly decided to protect the NHS from any cuts. Across the country as a whole, over £89,000 million will be spent on doctors, nurses and frontline services in the NHS in England – an increase of more than £2,600 million on the previous year.

Even with all this extra money, we still need to reform the NHS to make it more efficient if it is to cope with the cost of caring for an ageing population and of advances in medical technology. I know many people have concerns about the reforms the Government is proposing - and I will shortly be organising a public meeting to discuss those concerns - but just carrying on as we are is not an option.

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On 04/04/2011 02:36:00 Jim wrote:
I think the NHS is a dead duck and should be abolished. It was probably a good idea at the time but belongs to a bygone era. Foreigners I know don't know why we put up with it, whilst many British seem to suffer under the illusion that it is the envy of the world. How many GPs are open evenings or weekends? How easy is it to drop in on one near where you work? Take it or leave it attitudes are the norm. No need to treat you with respect - they've got your money through taxation already. Test results that elsewhere would be available instantly or within hours take days with the NHS. Delay is engrained - perhaps as a way to keep costs down. Employers have long since had to accept that if someone needs to see a doctor it means a morning off work and/or pay for private healthcare. Appalling inefficiencies, the very worst examples of failed government IT projects, dodgy PFI deals and blunders that get covered up.

I would prefer a system where all healthcare provision is private. Patients choose where they want to go and to the extent the state decides to support healthcare it can put the pound in your pocket so you have consumer power.

After all, food is essential to life but nobody suggests it should be free at the point of hunger and provided by the state. We go to Tescos, a local market, a restaurant or wherever. People who are poor get a few quid off the state and can shop around with the dignity and respect that consumer power gives them.




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