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Changes to parking charges and restrictions
04/01/2011 14:10:00

The Council is consulting on changes to parking charges and restrictions.

The good news is that it is proposing to continue free parking for the first 30 minutes on Cherry Orchard Road, Lower Addiscombe Road and Portland Road.

But there are two bits of bad news. First, it is proposing to increase the cost of residents’ parking permits from £48 to £70 for the first permit, £80 to £116 for the second permit and £193 to £280 for the third permit. To be fair, most other south London boroughs charge more than Croydon does at present - Kingston charges £60, Wandsworth £95, Southwark £99.30, Richmond a typical fee of £110 for a band G vehicle and Lambeth a typical fee of £115 for a band G vehicle residing outside of the congestion charging zone – but these are still steep increases.

Second, it is proposing to extend the hours of operation for the outer permit zones of the Croydon Controlled Parking Zone from 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday to 8am to midnight Monday to Sunday, mirroring those in the central zone. Again, to be fair pressure on parking spaces in and around the town centre in the evenings and on Sundays has increased significantly since the current hours of operation in the outer zones were introduced in the early 1990s so there probably is a case for extending the hours of operation but not to 8am till midnight seven days a week. Parts of the outer zones are a long way from the town centre - the East Outer Zone stretches as far as Inglis Road and Outram Road, the South Outer Zone as far as Lloyd Park Avenue

I would encourage you to respond directly to the consultation - and encourage your neighbours to do likewise - by emailing Parking.Design@croydon.gov.uk quoting the reference CS/PS/JAA/7/Z54 by 4th February.

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Readers' Comments

On 19/01/2011 00:09:00 Ian Austin wrote:
Mr. Barwell

Could you please provide details as to what action you are taking, if any, in challenging the proposed changes to residents’ parking permits?

Yours sincerely

Ian Austin

On 24/01/2011 00:15:00 Simon Cox wrote:
To be fair Gavin, Croydon is not as close to the centre of London as Kingston, Wandsworth or Southwark and I believe that the CPZ covers most if not all of those boroughs, unlike Croydon where only a small part of the borough has the CPZ in place.

Secondly pressure on parking in the town centre itself has increased due to the longer hours put in place in 2002. Outside of the immediate town centre the only pressure is from residents not visitors and so extending the hours will compound the problems for residents rather than solve it. Also with petrol soaring in price less people will want to visit, shoppers are using the internet rather then visiting shops. The car parks in Central Croydon are never full so the argument that more people are visiting and there is pressure on parking is flawed.

You argued very eloquently against the very simular plan as this in 2002 and as a resident in a CPZ I would expect your full support again to stop both the rise in price and any change to the CPZ hours in any Croydon Controlled Parking Zone.

Meanwhile I encourage you to visit and read what those residents are saying at http://croydoncouncil.com.

On 24/01/2011 10:24:00 dug conn wrote:
Hi gavin

We have been in touch before and it is my first visit to your site but must point out that your comments imply compromise on parking times. We do not want these changes for all reasons previously mentioned - social access of friends and families, parking access for lone female drivers or with young children, no space.

There is very little parking of shoppers in our streets and many are very expensive to park in with short time scales, and traffic flow is totally superfluous. The parkers need to park there!

You mention S zone and it is no further out from Croydon than W and whereas we have full spaces in most streets they have plenty of streets of empty spaces and they are a quarter the parking price.

The council stated in their policy document that the parking restrictions traffic management are not to gain excess finance and are for the residents benefit but these new restrictions are exactly the opposite to compensate for loss of central government finance (confirmed by our councillor) principally by fining people (see their accounts for 2010) and harm and inconvenience most residents far more.

And as for parking permit increases the councils picked are all inner London and peer councils like Bromley and Sutton have lower charges (like our current one of £48) and once again the increase is to gain extra finance, from a small minority of trapped car users, to fill a short fall.

The council's claim to have informed all residents of their intention, by the pathetic unreadable notices taped to one street post per street which very few if anyone would naturally read, is ludicrous. Even you leaflet every house with your letter so residents actually know what is going on - why don't you save money and wrap it round lampposts at the end of all streets!

The opposition group to these proposals is nearing the end of leafletting most residents in the outer zones, something the council should have done in the first place - we have done the councils job! - encouraging them to object.

Yours faithfully Doug Conn - this is copied to our small group of sort of organisers (see ''croydoncouncil.com'')

On 24/01/2011 16:45:00 Paula Norton wrote:
The pressure on parking spaces for visitors to the Centre has not increased since 2002, when this was last proposed and you spoke for the residents against it - senior Council Staff confirmed no increase in traffic 2 weeks ago.

There is no case for increasing the hours even a little (8am to 6pm seven days a week has been widely suggested by council staff and Councillors).

Sundays are the only time my family and friends can visit me in daylight without the threat of being towed or ticketed and our Sunday lunches are a vital part of boosting my quality of life. Similarly evening visits. And who wants to try to find a parking bay in streets with insufficient bays before breakfast on any morning, especially when getting children ready for school or getting ready for work?

Years of poor planning decisions by successive councils resulting in poor parking provision cannot be overturned, so residents have to live with using single yellow lines in the evenings and at weekends when we are all trying to rest with our families in our homes.

Similarly, years of disastrous transport decisions and damage to the transport infrastructure forcing a reliance on personal transport cannot be overturned.

There's a fine balance just about achieved with the current situation and indeed, with less people using the central Croydon Car parks there's a case for relaxing the rules in the outer zones.

Walk round the streets affected as I have during the times proposed and you will see why any extension to the hours at all is unacceptable. As my MP I urge you to once again oppose any extension to the CPZ hours.

On 27/01/2011 17:19:00 Gavin Barwell wrote:
Ian - I am delivering a letter to every constituent who is affected by these proposals to make sure that they are aware of them, I have raised the issue in the press, I have met with Cllr Thomas to lobby him and I will attend the meeting on 9th February to represent residents' opinions.

Simon - since I wrote this post, I have received hundreds of letters and emails from residents, the vast majority of them opposed to any change, a few from roads very close to the town centre in favour of some extension and I will certainly be representing these views, just as I did in 2002.

Doug & Paula - hopefully my answer to Simon addresses your concerns as well.

On 01/02/2011 13:05:00 Kathryn Haralabidis wrote:
As a resident of Elgin Rd in Croydon, I am writing to express my displeasure at the proposal of the council to extend the hours of operation for the outer permit zones of the Croydon Controlled Parking Zone from 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday to 8am to midnight Monday to Sunday.

In theory, I wouldn't have a problem with this if it didn't affect residents so dramatically. People shopping in Croydon will pay whatever tarif is required; however I feel that residents should not be penalised by the council wanting to generate additional revenue. Why not provide households with visitor permits that can be administered in the same way as the vehicle parking permits? I feel the current scheme is woefully inadequate and does not cover people who want to visit for a couple of hours without wasting a whole tear-off visitor ticket. To use myself as an example - I no longer have my own car, but I am insured as a driver on my partner's car. The council refuse to give me a permit for his car as the car is not registered to me. It's also not always viable to waste a whole visitor day pass when just visiting for a couple of hours and I wholly object to paying to park outside my own house! I'm sure if you bring in a visitors pass that can be put in any vehicle at any time of day, residents will not care what you choose to charge non residents visiting Croydon.




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