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Three bits of good news
28/10/2010 20:06:00

Today, the Government announced the first 24 Local Enterprise Partnerships between local businesses and civic leaders, designed to drive growth and create jobs.

I am pleased that after much lobbying From Coast To Capital, a partnership based around the 'Gatwick Diamond' including Croydon, the Surrey districts of Tandridge, Reigate & Banstead and Mole Valley and West Sussex, was one of those approved. This decision recognises that Croydon isn't just a suburb of London but an economic hub in its own right with connections to the wider South East.

In addition, the Government unveiled plans for councils to keep the business rates they collect locally, which will give them a financial incentive to grow their economy and attract business to the area.

They also declared the £1.4 billion Regional Growth Fund open for business. This fund will particularly support places like Croydon that are currently over-dependent on the public sector.

Three very welcome announcements.

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On 06/11/2010 14:35:00 jndrew Leng wrote:
As we can see from Mr Barwell's comments he is no supporter of the Public Sector in Croydon, despite hundreds of his constituents being employed by the council and UKBA. After UKBA has announced the shedding of approximately 8,000 jobs, with thousands to go in Croydon, all Mr Barwell can do is make insensitive comments about the public sector being too big. He has no interests in the concerns or fears of public sector employees within his constituency and naively believes that the private sector will simply step in and save the day. Mr Barwell is clearly out of touch with his constituents and offers no support to those whose jobs are under threat.
On 25/11/2010 18:14:00 Gavin Barwell wrote:

I did not say that the public sector was too big, I said that our local economy is too dependent on the public sector. If this recession teachers us anything, it should be the danger of over-reliance on any one sector. I don't want to lose public sector jobs, I want to grow and diversify the private sector. Some public sector job losses are unavoidable - whoever was running the country would have to cut public spending or we would risk finding ourselves in the same position as Ireland - but locally I am trying to mitigate those by bringing new government departments or agencies to Croydon. And I am currently lobbying Ministers on behalf of PCS members employed by the UKBA regarding the new Home Office redundancy policy.




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