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Saturday 24th April - 12 days to polling day
24/04/2010 23:02:00


Another hectic day - started with Andrew Lansley, the Shadow Secretary of State for Health, joining Jason Hadden, Richard Ottaway (the Conservative candidates for Croydon North and Croydon South) and I to visit the Accident & Emergency Department and a stroke ward at Mayday, during which he made clear his opposition to NHS London's plans to downgrade our hospital and his support for a hyper-acute stroke unit at Mayday.

Andrew - who is travelling round the country in a very discreet NHyes van - then joined us for some canvassing in Shirley. Very strong response once again, continuing the trend from Thursday and Friday.

David Cameron today made it clear that a Conservative Government will change the law to require a General Election to be held within six months of a change of Prime Minister. This will ensure we don't have a repeat of the situation where we have been stuck with Gordon Brown for nearly three years despite no-one ever having voted for him.

Meanwhile, in perhaps the most bizarre stunt of the campaign so far, Labour decided to have Gordon Brown appear with an Elvis impersonator...

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On 26/04/2010 21:46:00 Paul Ogier wrote:
"despite no-one ever having voted for him." what about the voters of Kirkaldy and Cowdenbeath? in the same way as the voters of Huntingdon voted for John Major yet the country was "stuck with" him until a General Election in 1992.
On 27/04/2010 06:41:00 Gavin Barwell wrote:
Paul - the electors of Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath voted for him as their MP. No-one voted for a Labour Government led by Gordon Brown (nor indeed did anyone elect him as Leader of the Labour Party).

You are right to say that the same applied to John Major pre the 1992 General Election (although I think the current situation is even worse because at the last election Tony Blair said he was going to serve a full term and some people probably voted Labour on that basis who might not otherwise have done so) - if David Cameron's proposal had been law at the time, he would have had to call a General Election in April 1991.

On 27/04/2010 11:54:00 Anthony Miller wrote:
In October 2004 Tony Blair said he would NOT stand for relection as Prime Minister in 2009/2010 so voters knew at the 2005 election that they were not voting for Tony Blair to serve a full term and the Labour Party (and consequently the government) would have a new leader/Prime Minister by now. If anything John Major was in a worse constitutional position at the time of his re-election than Gordon Brown as the electorate who voted in Mrs Thatcher had no idea that Major would be PM. Although GB was unchallenged in his bid for the Labour Party Leadership the machinery has always been there to remove him if anyone in the party wanted the poison chalice - they decided that they didn't. I do not think the Conservative Party which still to this day does not have one member one vote proceedures for the selection of parlimentary candidates is really in a position to lecture anyone else about democracy. We do not have a presidential system and I do not see the benefits in calling a general election every time there is a change in ruling party leadership. As the voters knew when Labour was elected there would be a change in leader to attack GB as unelected smacks of an attempt to retcon history. I am also suspicious of Mr Cameron's motivations for giving voters the right of recall on bad MPs - it seems a very useful tool for the executive of a party to use to be able to remove dissenting voices with ... what happens if an MP is sacked by the voters fot a crime that it turns out in retrospect that they didn't commit? Can they then sue for Unfair Dismissal? Like his offer of open primaries for constituency elections it is not about giving ordinary people more power it is about centralising power within his own party...? Tell me that I am wrong.



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