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Thursday 22nd April - 14 days to polling day
23/04/2010 06:37:00


A hectic day - and the best of the campaign so far.

It started with Boris Johnson visiting New Addington for a walkabout along Central Parade then a public meeting at the ACA. Boris has an incredible ability to communicate with people of all ages and backgrounds - everyone wanted to meet him and have their photo taken with him. And he saw for himself the potential of New Addington if both the public and private sectors invest here. I also took the opportunity to lobby him about the extension of the tram system to Crystal Palace and we agreed to work together to lobby the new government for the necessary funding to make it happen.

Spent the rest of the day door knocking in Shirley and Forestdale - best response of the campaign so far - before a hustings meeting at Coloma, where I and my Labour and Liberal Democrat opponents faced some really tough questions. You never really know how well you have done at these meetings but one point that seemed to go down well was that above and beyond the economic arguments for taking action to reduce government borrowing there is a very powerful moral case - it is plain wrong for our generation to enjoy public services that we are not prepared to pay for and make our children pay for them instead. The pupils at Coloma and elsewhere are going to spend most of their working lives paying off the debt that Gordon Brown has built up. The Government already spends more on debt interest than on our schools and Gordon Brown plans to continue increasing debt at an alarming rate.

Then it was home to watch the second leaders' debate, which I thought Cameron just edged. All in all a good day, topped off by the launch of our manifesto for the armed forces, which sets out how we will properly support our servicemen and women and their families and our veterans. One of my best friends serves in the Royal Marines. Whatever they think of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, everyone I meet agrees that the way in which this Government has sent people like him to fight for this country without the necessary equipment is a national disgrace and it's great to see David Cameron and Liam Fox coming forward with proposals to do something about it.

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On 24/04/2010 09:26:00 Anthony Miller wrote:
"The pupils at Coloma and elsewhere are going to spend most of their working lives paying off the debt that Gordon Brown has built up. The Government already spends more on debt interest than on our schools and Gordon Brown plans to continue increasing debt at an alarming rate."

The thing is you didn't forsee the sub prime mortgage crisis and it isn't an entirely home grown financial disaster like the ERM/Black Wednesday debacle or the bust after the Lawson boom. So you can neither claim either the wisdom of foresight or the moral high ground on the case. It clearly isn't all GB's fault. Every major party is committed to cuts - the question is how far and how deep. The Conservatives always are, always were and always will be the party of brutal public spending cuts - Sorry, I mean, "small government". However, there is a case pump-prime public spending too if it stimulates the ecconomy.

On 27/04/2010 06:50:00 Gavin Barwell wrote:

I am not saying that Gordon Brown is responsible for the recession but it is his fault that we were already running a deficit during the boom years and it is at least partly his fault that we were one of the last countries to come out of recession and these two things combined explain why our deficit is so high now.

Alistair Darling has already said that the cuts Labour are planning will be more than anything Margaret Thatcher achieved. The issue at this election is when to make a start. You are quite right that deep cuts now could damage the economy. All David Cameron is proposing is cutting £1 in every £100 the Government spends - that is less than what most families and businesses have had to do in the last couple of years. If we don't convince the financial markets that we are serious about tackling this problem interest rates will rise and if that happens that really will pose a risk to the recovery.

On 28/04/2010 10:50:00 Anthony Miller wrote:

You dont have to be the IMF to realise that none of the parties are being totally honest because they all know that admiting to tax rises and cuts in public services that will be needed after the election is the electoral kiss of death and everyone over 30 remembers the Tax Bombshell campaigns.

Watching the leaders debates is like watching those Weeping Angels on Doctor Who.

None of them seem to move until you look away and then when you look back they're all a bit closer and a bit scarier.

I think that one of the reasons no one was aware sooner what was going on in the Financial Services sector is that it represents too large a percentage of GDP.

So no politician wants to bring it to account because it will go eleswhere and they have nothing to replace it with.

So what we need is a more diversified economy with a larger manufacturing sector.

We cant go on relying forever on one Poppets factory.

What are you going to do to facilitate our manufacturing sector?

And dont say that you dont have all the answers - political solutions are your job.

So what are you going to do to encourage a more diversified economy?




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