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Wednesday 14th April - 22 days to polling day
14/04/2010 22:39:00


Spent the day door knocking in Shirley Park and Addiscombe then into Croydon for an interview with BBC London 94.9, who had their election battlebus in North End. Whilst there, I went over to introduce myself to Ralph Atkinson, the UKIP candidate, who I hadn't met before. Shouldn't have bothered - he told he wouldn't shake hands with a Conservative and was rude and abusive. Personally I have never understood why some people find it hard to be polite to people they happen to disagree with.

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On 23/04/2010 08:35:00 Anthony Miller wrote:
Hum, you would prefer passive aggression?

Seriously, what do you expect from a UKIP representative ... if they had any social skills they wouldn't be UKIP.

I was on stage at the Laughing Horse Richmond the other week and when I asked rhetorically "Are you looking forward to the election?"

a man in the second row back outed his friend as a prospective parliamentary candidate.

So I asked him, as you do, "for what party" …and he wouldn’t say no matter how hard I pressed him…?

And it wasn't like I was being nasty or picking on him it was just he'd started a conversation and the fact he wouldn't answer

what is literally the simplest question caused a really strange atmosphere because his friend brought it up and then he just wouldn’t admit

what party he was from so in the end I just said “Well, vote for Gerard he’s too ashamed to admit to his own ideology so I’m sure he’ll make a good MP”

He told me at the interval he was Gerard Batten – I looked him up online and he’s actually a UKIP MEP (which he didn't say)

and is standing (to be an MP as well) in Romford presmuably because they need to field a candidate but cant find enough real stupid people to stand.

I didn't find Gerard rude, he seemed quite personable but I did say to him

“Well, it doesn’t say much for your policies that you cant admit to them in a room full of strangers

… but then given your policies I understand why you might be shy”

And he said that actually, yes, he should have said what party he was representing.

So there you are - Vote UKIP! - they're so proud of themselves their MEPs wont admit to their own ideas or even being MEPs in public.

Talking of which I've now recieved my obligatory BNP Leafet (complete with obligatory image of Winston Churchill

and pictures of "ordinary people" who won't give their names and are presumably American model stock shots as before).

Anyway I just thought I'd share that with you as we fellow traitors to our race and nation must stick together.




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