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Saturday 17th April - 19 days to polling day
18/04/2010 10:38:00


Another day spent in Addiscombe - joined this morning by Syed Kamall MEP among others - before house meetings on the Whitgift estate and in Shirley Park.

The news today was dominated by a big jump in the polls for the Liberal Democrats, presumably as a result of the leaders' debate. I have to say we didn't see any evidence of that in Addiscombe today but then according to the bookies and based on the result last time this seat is a two horse race between us and Labour - the Liberal Demoracts don't have a single councillor on Croydon Council. So here in Croydon Central if you want a change of government or even if you want a hung parliament* (which personally I think would be the worst outcome for the country), you need to vote Conservative.

* If Labour hold on to seats like Croydon Central they will have a majority in the next Parliament.

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Readers' Comments

On 20/04/2010 15:19:00 Mark Samuel wrote:
People don't want a change of government, they want LESS government!

No bad thing a "hung parliament"- still the same number of MPs at the same cost to the tax-payer.

The one improvement? Every single issue would have to be discussed in full and in detail by all our elected members. At last MPs would be seen and heard to be working for a living.

And a few of the hardest working ones in this "hung parliament", could run a small government too.

On 22/04/2010 09:07:00 Isaac Barry wrote:
I had no idea Croydon was considering building an incinerator - but of course the "Green Zealots" who unfortunately include some in the Tory party, and are devoid of any practical knowledge but are quite happy to bend over backwards for every destructive edict from the eu that would in time destroy this Nation, are at pains to stop an Incinerator - a practical and worthy form of waste disposal. No doubt swayed by the scam that is so called "Anthropogenic Global Warming" - All I can suggest is try googling "Climategate" Gavin before you decide to send me some patronising e mail about how important "Climate change" is. You could also try reading some of the things Nigel Lawson or Lord Monckton have said on the subject. If you're worried about a Hung Parliament this could be one of the issues that has brought it about.






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