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Andrew Pelling says he will never re-take the Conservative Whip
16/04/2010 08:04:00

Over the last few weeks, a handful of Andrew Pelling supporters have written to me suggesting that I should stand down so that Andrew can be reinstated as the Conservative candidate.

This was always a silly suggestion. If I did what they asked, the Conservative Party would simply appoint a new candidate - David Cameron is not going to give up on one of the seats he needs to win in order to form the next Government - and, given that Andrew does not currently have the Conservative Whip, he would not be eligible to be considered.

Ahh, they reply but if Andrew were able to continue as an MP he would take the Whip back. Andrew himself has now confirmed that they are wrong. Answering a question from a disillusioned Labour voter on his website, he has guaranteed that if he is re-elected he will not take the Whip back under any circumstances.

Perhaps his supporters should have checked with him before making such a fuss. At least people who want to vote for someone who will support a Conservative Government now know where they stand.

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On 20/04/2010 12:38:00 Anthony Miller wrote:
It just goes to show that you can make a difference by writing to your MP. I will turn you into a socialist too by 2015, Mr Barwell. You watch! Erm ... he was always on the left of the Tory party ... and I think that is one reason that when he wrote a resignation letter everyone was so keen to accept it. In fact I can see them at Central Office now, opening a bottle of bubbly like Christmas has come early. Seriously though while he stands no chance of getting in there is at least one example of an Independent MP being returned twice by the electorate so if he did get back in what would be in it for him to rejoin the party, given he'd be at least 55 in 2015. I mean, I think we all know Mr Pelling's agenda - he knows he is finished anyway and is simply having as much fun as he possibly can by being as naughty as possible since he has nothing to lose and has been having the time of his life saying everything he's had to not say for the past 25 years? But what will happen when he doesn't get in? How will he maintain his celebrity then? Let's face it if Jade Goody's bloke can front a program called Superdaddy anything is possible in the brave new world of media driven unreality... It's only a matter of time until he's on the next series of I'm A Celebrity ... or perhaps he'll marry Jordan - who knows?



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