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Sunday 11th April - 25 polling day
11/04/2010 22:58:00


Some family time this morning then spent the afternoon and evening with our team in Fieldway.

When I was selected back in February 2008, one of the key objectives I set myself was to ensure that we had an active organisation in every part of the constituency. At the time, we didn't have a functioning branch in Fieldway and New Addington. Now, in campaigning terms, it is probably the strongest branch in the constituency.

We are the only party that over the last two years has been active in every part of the constituency. And the fact that we work all year round, not just at election time, has led to a big increase in support in areas like Fieldway.

Unfortunately the BNP are also active in Fieldway and New Addington. People are right to be concerned about current levels of immigration - as I said to one lady who was considering voting for the BNP today, people of all backgrounds feel the same way - but you don't have to vote for extremists to get something done about it. David Cameron has made it clear that a Conservative Government would establish a border police force to tackle illegal immigration and put an annual limit on economic migration from outside the EU with an Australian-style points system to ensure we only admit people who will benefit the economy.

Putting a stop to all immigration as the BNP propose would be bad for the country and morally wrong. Does anyone seriously think we shouldn't admit people with the skills our economy needs who are going to come here, pay taxes and make us all better off? If a foreign company wants to invest here creating hundreds of jobs but would like to bring a few of its staff to set the operation should we really tell them, "No we don't want your sort here"? Should we really turn away our fair share of genuine refugees? What about Gurkhas who have fought for this country?

Not only are the BNP's policies wrong - and their view that you can judge people by the colour of their skin bizarre and morally repugnant - but the Conservatives are the only party that have a chance of beating Labour here in Croydon Central and stopping Labour regaining control of Croydon Council (remember the 27% Council Tax increase last time they were in control?). If you are not happy with the state of the country at the moment and you vote for the BNP - or for anyone other than your Conservative candidates for that matter - you risk getting a Labour MP and five more years of Gordon Brown plus Labour councillors and a Labour-controlled Council. It was good to see so many people had got that message in Fieldway yesterday.

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