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Saturday 10th April - 26 days to polling day
10/04/2010 23:54:00


We spent today calling on people on the Whitgift estate and on Park Hill. We were joined by two good friends, Don Porter and Brian Hamill. Don is a former Deputy Chairman of the Party, having been its most senior volunteer, and Brian is a former Chairman of South East region - great to have two such experienced canvassers out with us. A good response again - lots of positive comment about our Conservative Council. We haven't achieved everything we wanted to but there does seem to be a widespread recognition that we have changed the Council for the better.

Nationally, David Cameron launched our plans to recognise marriage in the tax system funded by a levy on banks. Making Britain the most family friendly country in Europe is an important part of our plans to strengthen society. At the moment, the tax and benefit system penalises couples who stay together and given that children of married couples are healthier, do better at school and are less likely to commit crime, that's crazy.

David Cameron has now launched three positive ideas to change this country for the better this week - stopping Labour's proposed tax on jobs, National Citizen Service and recognising marriage in the tax system. In contrast, all I have heard from Labour and the Liberal Democrat is negative attacks on us. People are pretty disillusioned with politics at the moment and if we spend the next three and a half weeks slagging each other off, rather talking about how to get the country back on its feet again, it's not going to help.

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On 12/04/2010 17:11:00 Anthony Miller wrote:
I think calling National Insurance a Tax on Jobs is deceptive. NI is really just another tax on earnings. It is easier to say "We're increasing NI" than "We're increasing Income Tax". I dont think this will have any great effect on the number of people on anyone's payroll. Employers will still employ the same number of people it's just the tax man will take a bigger slice of their earnings. Although you can make an arguement that the employer's contribution part of NI is a tax on the employer rather than the employee I would argue that this is really mainly a way of obfuscating the amount of NI that is paid from an employee's salary from the employee. You could argue that in the longer term it may increase inflation which will create unemployment but that is a different arguement. NI has become by stealth over many years an extension of income tax. The other point is that most high earners are in fact self-employed which means the NI they pay overall is different because they are self-employed. In many ways NI is the worst kind of a tax - it is a tax no one truly understands of monumental complexity. However, to call it a Tax on Jobs is deceptive. It is a tax on income/work. Also the argument historically advanced that it is contributory system of insurance against illness and unemployment has also proved to be somewhat plastic. I wont go into the arguement that a tax that is levied on the wage income of all workers but not on dividend or interest income is unfair either ... to all logical extents it is simply another tax on earnings.... If you're not sure what that means. Good. Neither am I. But it is at least honest of GB to admit he will be raising taxes (taken him long enough to admit it so I think you should give him some credit for actually saying it). By the way I was interested in your promise to shadow local businesses when you are not sitting as an MP - does that mean you will be available to do the door at Pear Shaped some time? I have head Lord Ashcroft does a mean Blofeld impersonation (complete with stuffed pussycat), is he available for bookings...? If he does well as an open spot I may consider advancement to a doorsplit - although he'd have to pay his own NI.



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