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Andrew Pelling confirms he is standing as an independent
30/03/2010 13:29:00

Andrew Pelling has today confirmed that he will be standing as an independent candidate for Croydon Central. I am obviously disappointed at his decision, though it is hardly a surprise (someone purporting to be his election agent attended the recent election agents' meeting and has distributed a letter in parts of the constituency asking for £20,000 to pay for his campaign).

Being an MP shouldn't be a career, it should be about championing the things you believe in. Sadly Andrew has clearly decided that the job is more important to him than the Conservative values he has championed so effectively for the last 30 years.

My message to people who want more police on our streets, who want to keep an A&E Department at Mayday, who want action to control immigration is clear: voting for Andrew won't achieve any of these things. It will simply split the anti-Labour vote and risks getting you a Labour MP and five more years of Gordon Brown. There will only be a change of government after the election if another party has more MPs than Labour. The Conservative Party is the only party with a realistic chance of doing that. So if you're not happy with things at the moment, if you want change, you need to vote Conservative.

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Readers' Comments

On 31/03/2010 13:15:00 Mr Edmund Yiadom wrote:
I and my wife agree with your views 100% reading your articles and will of course get our full support as both are nursing students.
On 03/04/2010 18:25:00 Delon Marshall wrote:
Andrew Pelling has been a first class MP, and it is sad that Conservative Party Leader David Cameron decided to destroy Andrew's career to make a cheap political point.

I am sure Gavin Barwell could be a good MP, but maybe he should step aside and let Andrew see off Gerry Ryan. I am equally sure some Labour voters would back Andrew, but not vote for Gavin.

The real question is who will pay the closest attention to the needs and wishes of all electors, and I say that must be Andrew.

On 04/04/2010 00:06:00 Matt Miller wrote:
I am very disappointed that Andrew Pelling has decided to stand as an Independent Candidate against Gavin Barwell in the Croydon Central constituency in the forthcoming General Election. This is going to be a close General Election and I strongly feel that Andrew should have shown some dignity by standing aside and putting the interest of the Conservative party before his own interest. I wish him well in what he chooses to do in the future and thank him for what he has done for Croydon.
On 04/04/2010 23:46:00 Gavin Barwell wrote:

You are entitled to your views on the relative merits of the candidates but I do think your comments about David Cameron are grossly unfair. What is the evidence for your claim that he "decided to destroy Andrew's career"? The party suspended the whip when Andrew was accused of a serious criminal offence and, once the police had confirmed that they would not be pressing charges and Andrew had returned to work following a period of ill health, they offered the whip back.

On 08/04/2010 23:55:00 Matt Miller wrote:
I strongly disagree with Delon's comment about David Cameron trying to destroy Andrew Pelling's career. Andrew Pelling has lost my support because of the way he has conducted himself. The Conservative party had to suspend him from the parliamentary party because the allegations of assault were serious. This is standard proceedure in such cases. If Andrew Pelling had retaken the Conservative whip when it was offered to him the local party could have asked Gavin Barwell to stand aside but Andrew was obstinate and refused to retake the whip despite several people trying to welcome him back into the fold. I accept that Andrew has been a hard working MP and I accept that he has done a lot for Croydon and I sympathise with his struggle against depression. However, I don't feel I can support him in this election because he is not a team player. He has chosen to stand against the new candidate selected by the Conservative party instead of retaking the whip and then asking if he can be reselected as the parliamentary candidate. Constituents need to understand that the local party is not at fault here. They have tried to repair the damage and Andrew hasn't met them half way. It seems such a waste when he has been representing the Conservatives for several years.



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