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Candidate selections in Fieldway, New Addington and Woodside
04/12/2009 23:58:00

Over the last week or so, we have selected our candidates in Fieldway, New Addington and Woodside, the three wards in Croydon Central that do not currently have Conservative councillors.

In Woodside, we have selected Mark Johnson, Michael O'Dwyer and Serife Du'ven. Mark lives on Portland Road, Michael on Adams Way and Serife just over the border in Ashburton.

In New Addington, we have selected Tony Pearson and Rob Hughes. Unlike Labour's candidates who live in Kenley and Sanderstead, both have strong New Addington connections - Tony lives on Queen Elizabeth's Drive and Rob grew up in New Addington and now lives just down the hill in Forestdale.

In Fieldway, we have selected Jayne Laville and Maria Pearson. Both of them live in New Addington - Maria is married to Tony and Jayne lives in Ivers Way.

Congratulations to all six of them. We have an excellent chance of winning seats in all three of these wards - in the case of Fieldway, for the first time ever.

Can I also congratulate five other members of the Croydon Central campaign team, who have been selected elsewhere in the Borough:

• Daniel Hing, Rob King and Mervyn Wint in Selhurst; and

• Kai Pokawa and Sohail Qureshi in Thornton Heath.

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Readers' Comments

On 03/03/2010 15:55:00 Brenda Kirby wrote:
How sad that Gavin Barwell considers only people living in an area fit to represent it. I prefer to vote for people who show an interest in and commitment to a community and do not think place of residence has anything to do with things.

Where, for example have his 'local' candidates been when real local people have been working for the third year running on People's Day or for the first of the new New Addington People's Carnival?

How much interest have they shown in the local schools? How many are School Governors? Where were they when the Christmas Lights Committee were working so hard to provide lights and entertainment for New Addington? Oh and what about the Cyber Cafe? Have they even ever entered it?

Many residents remember successful and well respected Councillors who did not live here but certainly contributed and deserved our trust. The late Trevor Laffin is the perfect example, but I include Geraint Davies and Mary Walker among those who did their very best for the Community they represented.




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