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Labour’s misleading leaflet on school funding
13/05/2017 17:07:00


Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate in Croydon Central is distributing a leaflet entitled ‘Stop Tory Cuts To Our Schools’.

The truth is somewhat different. Shortly before the General Election was called, the Government issued a consultation on a new national funding formula for schools. At the moment, similar schools receive very different levels of funding - for example, schools just over the border in Lambeth receive much higher levels of funding than Croydon schools. That isn’t fair and I’m proud that a Conservative Government is proposing to put it right.

If the changes go ahead, every single secondary school in Croydon Central would benefit significantly as the table below shows (the percentage figures are the increases schools would see if the changes were introduced overnight; in practice, they would be phased in over several years to give those losing funding time to adjust):

Archbishop Tenison’s +10.0%

Coloma +8.8%

Edenham +10.8%

Meridian High +7.9%

Oasis Shirley Park +9.5%

Quest Academy +10.2%

Shirley High +10.1%

St Mary’s +14.2%

18 of our 25 primary schools would see increases too. You don’t have to take my word for it - you can see the figures for yourself by clicking on this link and then selecting Impact of the proposed schools NFF_2016220.xlsm.

And of course funding, whilst very important, is only part of the story. Since 2010, hard work by teachers and pupils and Government reforms have seen a sharp rise in standards in our schools. Today, 9 in 10 schools are good or outstanding compared to 2 in 3 in 2010, meaning that 1.8 million more children go to a good or outstanding school. It’s worth remembering that Croydon Labour councillors tried to block some of those reforms, such as the closure of Ashburton and Selsdon High and their replacement with Oasis Academy Shirley Park and the Quest Academy respectively.

It must be tough being a Labour candidate in this election, but preying on parents’ natural concerns about the future of their children by distributing a leaflet full of misleading information is pretty low. If you were worried about what you read, I hope this reassures you.

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Readers' Comments

On 14/05/2017 07:30:00 y webster wrote:
All are not born equal. As a retired teacher I know that some schools have a larger proportion of children from socially deprived areas--that is obvious. Those children need more help, smaller classes, more emotional support etc. This costs money, hence the need for those schools to receive more funding than those schools in leafy-green areas. This is why I disagree with the plan to make all pupil funding equal over all schools.
On 14/05/2017 08:24:00 Paul wrote:
Labour are fighting a dirty campaign on this issue they have been outside schools giving out miss-leading information

It's one thing to have your opinion on how things will be in the future but to hand out lies is poor form




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