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Tomorrow's vote on hunting
14/07/2015 07:30:00


Tomorrow, the House of Commons will vote on whether to make a number of changes to the Hunting Act 2004.

Supporters of the proposed changes say they are relatively minor, bringing the law in England and Wales more in line with that in Scotland to address the concerns of upland farmers. The pursuit and killing of a wild animal by dogs would remain illegal.

Opponents say the proposed changes would weaken the Hunting Act so much that it would be practically unenforceable.

When asked about this issue in the run-up to the General Election, I made it clear that I have never hunted myself and find it hard to understand how people can take pleasure in killing wild animals so was minded to vote against repeal of the Act. However I promised to listen to the views of my constituents in the run-up to any vote on this sensitive issue, which arouses such strong emotions on both sides of the debate. Ultimately my job is to be a voice for the people of Croydon Central, who I was elected to represent.

I’m clear from the hundreds of emails, letters and tweets I’ve received that the overwhelming majority of my constituents are opposed to any weakening of the Act. So although it will put me at odds with many of my Conservative colleagues, I will be voting to retain the current law on Wednesday.

UPDATE: Good news - the Government has now announced that it will not be proceeding with the vote so the law will remain as it is.

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Readers' Comments

On 14/07/2015 09:05:00 Abigail MacCartney wrote:
A sensible choice Gavin. As a farmer myself I'm very much of the opinion that hunting lies in the past now. I'm encouraged that you're voting with your conscience and with your constituents on this. The issue was dealt with 10 years ago and ought to be considered a done deal in my view, lets focus our parliamentary time and effort onto more relevant issues. Abi
On 14/07/2015 10:48:00 Heather Hicks wrote:

Well done Gavin, that is exactly what I wanted to know.

I have never logged on to your blog before now although I voted for you. I feel passionately that fox hunting is abhorrent and cruelty in its most unacceptable form, dressed up as sport and social enjoyment. Given the fisticuffs going on today about the vote and the SNP etc, please hold your position as I can see that the essence of this issue and it's true importance will easily get lost in amongst the political posturing.






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