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Re-elected, but only just
08/05/2015 11:57:00


This morning, I was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Croydon Central, winning by just 165 votes.

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for me. Representing my home town in Parliament has been the greatest honour of my life. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved over the last five years, but there’s much more to do to make Croydon the place it could be.

I’m particularly grateful to the hundreds of people who gave up some of their spare time to help me get re-elected. Many people have lost faith in politics. Given how some MPs behave, that’s understandable. But most people who are involved in politics don’t get paid or receive expenses - they’re volunteers who care about their local community and believe politics is the way to change it for the better. Our democracy would be much the poorer without them.

I may have won, but 57% of those who voted didn’t support me. Over the next five years, I’ll do my best to represent the views of the whole constituency, not just those who voted Conservative. I’ll work with our Labour Council to get the Westfield/Hammerson redevelopment of the Whitgift Centre underway as soon as possible, regenerate our district centres like Central Parade and Portland Road and tackle the housing crisis in our borough.

Finally, I’d like to offer my commiserations to Sarah Jones and her team. They have worked incredibly hard to try to win this seat and no doubt will be feeling terribly disappointed to have come so close and yet so far. I hope in time they will reflect with pride that they stood up for what they believed in and ensured that the Labour case was heard right across the constituency.

Just under a year ago, the Conservatives lost control of Croydon Council. It was clear that night that I was in for a real fight to hold onto this seat. The last 12 months have been incredibly tough on me and my family. The pollsters, pundits and bookies all told us we were going to lose. But we kept the faith. We knew that we had a good story to tell - a Government that had turned around our economy and a good local MP. We were proved right, but only just.

I’ll get some much-needed rest over the weekend, but on Monday the work begins again. Agenda item one? Getting the new Government to take a decision on the CPO needed to get Westfield Hammerson’s redevelopment of the Whitgift Centre underway…

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Readers' Comments

On 08/05/2015 12:32:00 Partha wrote:

The Indian Community congratulates you and are confident you will work tirelessly to ensure our concerns are addressed . Lots of positive and negative feedback from Indians on the doorstep and we must address them to increase your margin for 2020 !!



On 13/05/2015 13:51:00 Anthony Miller wrote:
Very serious you look in that photo, Gavin.

You are allowed to smile if you won, you know?

I'll allow it.




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