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Government provides £21.25 million for a new A&E Department at Croydon University Hospital
26/03/2015 14:52:00


The NHS Trust Development Authority has today approved plans for a new £21.25 million state-of-the-art Emergency Department at Croydon University Hospital. Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, has said:

“It’s fantastic news that the plan for an investment of over £21 million in a new Emergency Department at Croydon hospital can now go ahead. Gavin Barwell has been a strong local advocate for this project – one that will bring highly advanced new urgent and emergency care capacity for the people of Croydon and allow the hospital to provide the best possible care. Thanks to the tough economic decisions this Government has taken, we can continue to build a strong NHS.”

Two years ago, the Care Quality Commission found our existing Emergency Department to be badly designed, in a poor state of repair and too small to treat the current number of patients it regularly sees. The new Department is designed to address these issues. It will:

• be a third bigger than the current facility;

• be bright, modern and purpose-built, offering a better environment for patients and staff;

• give clinicians clear sight of their patients through an open-plan design to improve safety and care;

• have ‘sub-waiting’ areas so that patients will move through the department during treatment rather than having to return to the main communal waiting area; and

• have doors rather than curtains on all ‘majors’ cubicles (the beds where people are treated) to improve patient privacy and dignity.

It will consist of:

• 28 adult ‘majors’ emergency bays;

• a dedicated 8-bay children’s emergency department with its own reception and waiting area;

• a larger resuscitation unit; and

• an urgent care centre for more minor ailments and illnesses.

Work is scheduled to begin in autumn of 2015 and will last for approximately 18 months.

A full Emergency Department will continue to operate during the works.

This is another piece of great news for our borough, following on from yesterday’s news re Croydon Westfield and the Chancellor’s support for the regeneration of our town in the Budget. I’ve been working with the Trust to get their plans approved, talking to officials at the Department of Health and the Trust Development Authority, and I’m delighted that our efforts have paid off. I want to thank John Goulston, Chief Executive of Croydon Health Services Trust, Dr Kathryn Channing, lead clinician for Emergency Medicine at Croydon University Hospital and their team for producing such a great bid and the Government for giving us the investment our hospital needs and deserves.

I am very passionate about our NHS. My wife works for it as a speech and language therapist, it saved my life when I had cancer as a child and it gave outstanding care to my Dad when he was dying of Azheimer’s - my family will be forever grateful for the support the NHS provided to us as he was taken away from us day by day.

Since I was elected as an MP, I have tried to pay back the debt I owe, supporting increases in the NHS budget, getting the formula the Government uses to distribute the NHS budget around the country changed so that Croydon gets a fairer deal and now securing funding for a new Emergency Department.

The NHS isn’t perfect, but the principle - that if you get sick or hurt you don’t have to worry whether you can afford treatment - is one of the best things about this country and I will continue to do everything I can to defend and improve it.

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Readers' Comments

On 26/03/2015 21:25:00 patricia wrote:
well done , this has needed to happen for a very long time . my grandparents both worked there for many years . my parents were both cared for untill they passed away , so i have spent many hours there , i know these changes are needed y. well done to you for fighting the fight .
On 27/03/2015 08:13:00 Jim wrote:
First of all, this is our money, not simply "government money". Keep it in our pockets so we can buy our own healthcare.

How much more money will be poured into the holy cow that is the NHS? I had a shoddy experience in Mayday as a kid, and my mother ditto very recently. It isn't a money issue, it's an attitude issue. State services are always rubbish. We wouldn't buy our food from state supermarkets. We wouldn't go to state restaurants. We wouldn't stay in state hotels. Why can't we have private healthcare for all backed by private insurance? Anybody can afford to opt out already does so.

The NHS is a relic from history. Whilst politicians continue the "NHS is precious" mantra, thousands of vulnerable people are abused at its hands. These are the real victims of this great British delusion. They have no choice and nowhere else to go.

UKIP toyed with abolishing the NHS, but are now too scared to depart from the mainstream. I had hopes for the Conservatives, but I'm beginning to worry that you and David Cameron actually believe in it rather than merely say you do.

So I suppose we will go on trying to save the cancer whilst we kill the patient.

On 27/03/2015 10:33:00 Grahame wrote:
I am delighted to hear this good news about the investment which is going into our hospital. (may other areas be as fortunate too.)

The NHS, despite its shortcomings (major failures get reported- quite rightly- but we don't hear often enough about the successes) is one of the great things about this country. Its three principles are that It is universal, comprehensive and free at the point of use. Except for prescription charges (in England).

How wonderful it would be if we could abolish prescription charges altogether How do they benefit the NHS or us?




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