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Save New Addington Recycling Centre
15/12/2014 09:44:00


Our Labour Council is planning to close the Fishers Farm recycling centre and build housing there.

Councillor Alison Butler, the Deputy Leader of Croydon Council, has revealed the new Labour administration is looking to close Fishers Farm recycling centre. She told The Croydon Advertiser:

“We are looking to use the .. land because it overlooks a lot of green and open sites and would be a good location for a housing scheme”.

Local MP Gavin Barwell believes this would be a big mistake. It’s a long way from New Addington, Addington Village, Forestdale, Monks Hill and the southern parts of Shirley to the nearest alternative recycling centre at Factory Lane in central Croydon. If the Council makes it much harder for people who live in these areas to recycle, it will mean more rubbish being sent for incineration and more flytipping - particularly if the Council also stops the kerbside collection of garden waste as it is considering doing.

Gavin has launched a campaign calling on the Council to keep Fishers Farm open or, failing that, to replace it with a new recycling centre somewhere else in the area. If you agree, sign the petition and pass this link onto your neighbours and friends: http://www.gavinbarwell.com/NewAddingtonRecyclingCentre

UPDATE - 23/12/2014: Some good news: the Council has confirmed that if it closes Fishers Farm a new recycling centre “will be re-provided locally pre-closure”.

There is still some confusion about whether the Council is going to close Fishers Farm or not - the Cabinet Member for Housing Alison Butler says, “We are looking to use the land for a housing scheme” but the Cabinet Member responsible for recycling Stuart Collins seems more sceptical saying, “If and it’s a big if the scheme is used for housing a new recycling centre will open nearby first”.

It is also not yet clear where any new recycling centre would be - the Cabinet Member for Finance Simon Hall says this is “being worked on”.

Nonetheless, it is good news that the Council has listened to our concerns about leaving this part of the borough without a recycling centre. I’ll keep this blog updated as soon as the Council clarifies its plans.

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Readers' Comments

On 06/01/2015 15:46:00 paul pomfrey wrote:

I run a cadet unit in the building at Fishers Farm, next to Marshalls yard and we have heard nothing from Croydon Council. Can anyone tell me if the plans include the building?

thank you


On 23/01/2015 14:53:00 Duncan Peter wrote:
This recycling centre is a boom to for us from Selsdon well run by excellent staff who are most helpful we use it on a regular basis
On 24/01/2015 11:02:00 Mrs S Lippett wrote:
Its a big mistake to close Fishers Farm recycling centre. It will be a real hardship for a lot of people to dispose of their rubbish, and will create a lot of flytipping in the area I am sure.
On 27/01/2015 16:43:00 Bob Dear wrote:
I'm a Fisher's Farm user and have also found the staff friendly and helpful. While it is well run, there may be some toxic run off that's percolated underneath. If used for housing, how much would the clean up cost and would it still be a blight on selling the houses/flats built on it? You need confidence in the foundations as well as a view...



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