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A threat to Croydon's Green Belt?
09/12/2014 13:47:00


I've joined with the three Heathfield Councillors to launch a campaign to protect the green fields at the bottom of Gravel Hill from development.

The fields sit between the Addington Interchange and Huntingfield/Falconwood Road. Developer Persimmon has added the land to its list of potential sites after deciding it has a chance of getting planning permission from our Labour Council.

Persimmon haven’t submitted a planning application yet, but conversations with their PR company ‘SP Broadway’ indicate they are looking at several hundred properties.

The site is Green Belt - myself and the three local councillors Jason Cummings, Margaret Mead and Andy Stranack are all opposed to any development. However any decision would be taken not by them but by Croydon Council’s Planning Committee. With the Council having changed hands in May, Labour have six of the ten members of this committee and so have the final say.

The Addington Residents’ Association has written to the new Leader of the Council, Tony Newman, asking for reassurance that any application would be rejected by the Council. Worryingly he has refused to give such an assurance. Even worse, Sarah Jones, the Labour candidate seeking to defeat me, recently told a Labour meeting “We need to be brave and build in places people might not want us to”.

I’ve been contacted by the local residents’ association who are appalled that there is a developer looking to build housing on these fields behind me that are a part of our precious Green Belt. They’ve contacted Croydon Council and asked for an assurance that the Council will reject any planning application and the Council haven’t given them that assurance.

When an application is submitted, we will need as many as people as possible to formally object. But we don’t want to wait for that to happen. That’s why we’re collecting a petition to show the Council how strongly people feel about protecting our green belt.

Croydon has got a huge amount of brownfield land which we should be using to build the housing we so desperately need. That doesn’t mean we should building over the few remaining green spaces that we’ve got.

If you agree then please get behind my campaign by signing the petition at www.gavinbarwell.com/GreenBeltThreat.

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Readers' Comments

On 15/12/2014 16:28:00 Malcolm neighbour wrote:
I agree in principal that some sites should not be built on. Especially school playing fields. The argument that some schools at not using heir space due to lack of pupil numbers does not add up. If schools fields are used t build housing. Will the families that occupy these houses not have children, who will need open spaces to exercise in? I say I agree in principle because. When heath Clark school was and built on. It left a rather large green area to the rear. Which as far as I know may not have been looked at? And is not being used? Why can houses not be built there. There is also a large green area by the old croydon airport area! I have a daughter son in law who have a child of their own living with me in cramped conditions. Building in these areas may give them the chance to move out! As I think 4 years living with us was not the charitable act I invisaged. At the time of their demise.




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